What if you had only 24 hours in London and wanted to make the best of it and see as much as you can?

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Warning: Hope you are not scare to walk… Here it is!

We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Victoria, it was one of the cheapest hotel we could found in a very popular section of London. We wanted to stay there as Victoria has an incredible train/ metro / bus station and is close to all tourists attractions.

We left the hotel and went directly walking to Buckingham palace. It was so crowded but we were able to see the “Guard change”.

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From there we walked to Big Ben and took so many photos there. It was everything I expected, remembered and more and more and more.

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Suddenly out of nowhere, the sun went away and the rain started, we bought an umbrella and enjoyed London the way we are suppose to enjoy it: Under the rain!

May_2015_london_0476 copy

From Big Ben we walked to Picadilly circus and then made our way to the Westminster Abbey.

May_2015_london_0489 copy

We walked all the way to the London Bridge and then the famous Tower Bridge.

May_2015_london_1022 copy

A full day in London, wonderful sightseeing and so much fun! Unforgettable trip. I highly recommend it.