I had the privilege to have lunch across of the water, across the marina, in a charming restaurant called “Le Pauillac”. It is an wonderful place to eat. The food was absolutely incredible! 
To put a little perspective, I am French, I cook on a daily basis and I rather cook and eat at home versus eating out, as I can cook ( without being pretentious) better than most places. For me to say about a place that it is incredible, means I  was more than impressed!
My appetizer was a seafood bisque, served with rouille.
This was one of the best seafood bisque I had in a very long time. My entree was fish that was cooked at perfection. My parents and friends had dishes that were out of this world as well!
My only regret was that the service, the waitress was not only not smiling, but she was rude, beyond rude.
How sad! Just because the food is beyond good does not mean you should be served by someone that is that unhappy to work!
Food review is incredible and I would go back
Service review is really mediocre, If I went back I would make sure to talk to them and ask them bluntly for a great waitress.
When you spend that kind of money, you want the whole experience not just a part!
Address: 2 Quai Albert Pichon, 33250 Pauillac, France
Phone:+33 5 56 59 19 20
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