Ha Paris! Who has not dreamed of the romantic city? Waking up in Paris, listening to the guy on the bank of the Seine river playing “La Vie en Rose” with the accordion, smelling the fresh warm croissants or pain aux chocolat of from the Boulangerie of the corner!


Well, I was so excited to hear on the news, that Delta Airlines is finally bringing the Raleigh Durham area, North Carolina, a direct flight to Paris in the spring 2016. No more connections, and no more delays to wait for the next flight.

JUne_2015_Paris_0154 copy

As a French/ American Citizen, I look forward to : a long weekend in the Capital of fashion, gastronomy in the country of gourmet food, experiencing the history of such an old European country and of course I look forward to be home with my family.

JUne_2015_Paris_0111 copy

I can only imagine, myself and North Carolinians, leaving on Thursday night from RDU on the Flight 230 at 6:13 Pm, arriving Friday morning at 8:39 Am in Paris, enjoying the day walking Montmartre, seeing the Eiffel towel, going on a tour in a “Peniche” (the French Seine River sightseeing boat), and finishing the evening eating in a local Bistro. Saturday, I would be waking up to the smell of the “Pain au chocolat “, and spending the day at the Louvre, or Versailles….. And Sunday, leaving Charles De Gaulles Airport at 10:45 Am, on the Flight 231.

JUne_2015_Paris_0111 copy JUne_2015_Paris_0221 copy

Of course, that would mean that Monday morning , I would be totally homesick for my croissant! I would take my car, and end up at one my favorite local French Bakery…”the French Corner Bakery” in Durham.