When the restaurant of a Bed and breakfast opens just for you and your dinner companion, and tells you it will be “A la bonne Franckette” which means simple, no fuss, you have no clue what to expect.

I was certainly not expecting the extensive elegant 6-course meal I was served. We had decided to dress up as to pay respect for the Chef. It was incredible to be the only 2 people to be served in the restaurant. Music choice was perfect…everything is always so important to create an atmosphere of enjoying all senses.

We started by being served an amuse-bouche: A soft goat cheese stuffed grape tomato wrapped in prosciutto. After the first bite, we knew we were in for a huge treat. I suddenly felt like nobility being served the best dishes and anticipating what could be coming next.



Up next was a creamy veloute of roasted cauliflower and broccoli served with a crostini Gruyere and garlic oil. Veloutes are hard to create in my opinion. You want them creamy, but not too heavy. This one was exactly that. Each spoon was a delight, not bitter at all. It was served in a soup ramequin with the perfect amount of food. The crouton was cooked perfectly and did not get soggy in my soup.


The Goat cheese Salad that came as the next course, reminded me of home…. the crottin of Chavignol that my mom used to serve warm, on a bed of salad. This Goat cheese salad was aromatized with slight amount of fresh vinaigrette.


The Trou Normand was a surprise, an incredible one. For those who don’t know what a Trou Normand is, it means it literally, translate to “the Norman hole”. This course has been served in the old fashion belief that it restores the appetite as a middle course when a large meal is served. This one was a mélange of a Pinot noir and cinnamon sorbet swimming in a rose sparkling wine. It was incredibly refreshing.


The boeuf bourgignon tagliatelle with its pesto and bacon Parmesan focaccia toast was the next course. This was a true French Bourguignon. I had anticipated it all day. The beef stew was braised with carrots, onions, fresh thyme, and bouquet garni. The portion was perfect, the presentation was incredibly artistic, and it is hard to present this dish. It was a perfect balance of the bourguignon and in the middle the homemade Tagliatelle pasta with the toast on the top. It was delectable!

November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_0039 copy

When it was time for dessert to arrive, I was full. I did not think I could eat anymore. And yet when the light warm peach and blueberry ragout with a rosemary and strawberry sorbet with a buttery caramel made its way in front of me…. I knew I was going to love the fact that dessert came around! Delicieux, not too sweet, just perfect.


The Cabernet from the Languedoc Roussillon region was a wonderful choice by the Chef and perfectly paired with our meal.

I want to recognize Lil first, I never expected for him to go to the extent to be our personal chef, our server, our storyteller, and our friend that evening. I, as well want to talk about Lori. She was extremely kind, patient and very happy to make our experience a delightful one.


I am amazed at the service we received. We were treated extremely well and I know the attention that we received, with that wonderful smile and attitude that makes everyone feel good, will also be shared with every single person that walks in the B and B, or the restaurant

My entire visit was a pleasant experience, and a delight. I recognized that making the client happy and comfortable is Lori and Lil’s priority.

Only 30 minutes from South Durham, Saint Jacques at The Burke Manor Inn is a restaurant that I would highly recommend to pay a visit! Restaurant is open in the evenings from Thursday to Saturday.