I usually try to write a review in a page, in this case I could write an entire chapter about my experience as a guest at The Burke Manor Inn.

I have lived in North Carolina for over 17 years, and when I heard the Inn I was reviewing was in a town called Gibsonville, I could not help but think where on Earth is Gibsonville? Have you ever heard of Gibsonville? Well, you are due to a well worth trip and the good news is it is only within 30 minutes from South Durham.


I pulled in the driveway of the beautiful southern house with a wrap around porch, where tables were dressed with fall tablecloths. What a beautiful sight when you pull in!

Fall leaves were clothing some of the driveway and the majestic name is all you see on top of what this Inn really is: A Manor!

November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0057 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0059 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0046 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0040

Lori Lacassagne, Innkeeper and owner welcomed me. She took the time to get me set up, showed me my room and gave me a tour of the different rooms available to guests, cottages and grounds.

November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0095 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0093 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0094 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0092 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0096 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0098

As I entered in room 204, what I saw was the room adorned with a soft green color, and the exquisite 4-post queen size bed; I knew then, that I had arrived in a sanctuary.

Every detail of the bedroom, including the French pillow on the armchair that said “Bonne Nuit”, was carefully thought of. The room was decorated in a very distinguished, unique, French touch. The in-suite bathroom, and stand in shower was beautiful and bigger than I had expected.

November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0033 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0073 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0071 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0070 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0069 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0068

November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0081 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0079 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0078 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0077 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0074

I took a tour of the 3.5 acres property and the scenery was incredible. A large pavilion is set to accommodate small or large weddings; The Cottages are set up perfectly for bridal parties.

November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0020 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0018 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0298 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0302 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0293 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0289 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0262 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0247 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0241 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0230

The gardens are beautiful and you can only imagine how incredible it can be in the spring when flowers are in bloom. Not far from the kitchen, ginger was planted to remind Lilian, the chef of the flowers of his native village in the South of France.


The sun was hitting the trees in such an inspirational way. You can hear the birds, you feel the warmth, and you feel at home. You can understand why a bride would want to get married here.

November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0006 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0049 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0043 November_2015_Burke_manor_inn_Gibsonville_0035

From the Inn, you can walk to town and explore this quaint old fashion, American town, with plenty of history.

I would highly recommend the Burke Manor Inn for a wedding, an overnight stay, a weekend en amoureux, and a quick getaway from home. Only 30 minutes from Durham, it is a must stop, and you will feel like thousands of miles away!