When you enter SilverSpot cinema, the red carpet awaits you. It leads you to either buy your tickets at the concession stand, at the restaurant, or even at the electronic touch screen kiosk. However, you can actually buy your tickets anywhere in the facility and wherever it is the most convenient for you. They even have an inside box office if you rather buy your movie tickets from the attendants. No more waiting in the cold or under the rain with your date to get your tickets.

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The concept of Silverspot Cinema is genius! It was created for you to feel at home. It is a very sophisticated yet a most relaxed atmosphere where you will, for the first time in your life, want the front row seats of the movie theater. The hand-sewn leather seats with ottoman in the front are the same price than anywhere in the theater. Some of the auditoriums seat 24 people making it a very intimate environment and some sit up to 92. There are 13 different screens and a total of 1,235 seats in total for you to choose from, plenty of choices. Your seats also have space for your cup holder, and/or for your bottle of wine.

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Private stalls in the beautiful, granite and marble bathrooms, are available upstairs and downstairs as to not disturb and to avoid people coming and going in the cinema.

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The consession stand was designed with an upscale clientele in mind. Think Boutique environment where you can order food that has been carefully thought of in the way it is packaged as to not disturb the patrons.

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A fun cinema to go on a date, enjoy a rainy Sunday or just to go check it out.

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Get your tickets ahead of time online if you want to choose where you sit in the theater!

Silverspot Cinema is located conveniently in University Mall, with plenty of parking.