It was nice to get a tour inside the modern new restaurant/cinema that opened in University Mall in Chapel hill.November_2015_Silverspot_trilogy_opening_0002

I had been invited with others to have dinner and experienced the restaurant. I had already met with the restaurant manager the week before and was pretty impressed.

Upon our arrival, we were handed a folder with information all about the restaurant and movie theater, and were told to have a seat at the bar to have a drink of our choice.

I chose a glass of the Chateau de Caladroy Côtes du Roussillon les Schistes, Red Blend. It was a good reflection of the typical red of Languedoc Roussillon.

November_2015_Silverspot_trilogy_opening_0006 November_2015_Silverspot_trilogy_opening_0007

We took a tour of the unique and beautiful Cinema Silverspot. ( Clink on the link below to check out my review )

And then the 5 of us sat down with Seth the general manager and Randi the head of marketing. We were given a menu and were asked to choose the entrée of our choice. And we were introduce to the Chef here in Chapel hill. Chef Ed Brothers.


He graduated from the C.I.A in Hyde Park, had extensive knowledge from working in France and added to his knowledge by joining David Burke . He has worked for many great chefs including Charlie Trotter. He certainly has a very impressive resume.

We were served 3 differents appetizer to be able to sample.

First Deviled Eggs with prosciutto crumble on top. The presentation was amazing and so was the taste! I am not a big fan of deviled eggs, they are usually too heavy, but here it was nice, and the prociutto on top made a big difference on the texture.


Second, we were served the crabcake that was topped with a green apple slaw remoulade. It was good, creamy, not too much breading, and the apple slaw was perfect as an “accessory” to the meal.


And last but not least, the Kung Pao Calamari, with chili oil, cilantro and toasted peanuts. It really gave you the feel of take out chinese and a movie. I loved the way it was presented, the chopsticks where on top of the dish and some sesame seeds sprinkled. The calamari was incredibly tender inside and just crunchy enough on the outside. A perfect balance, I would add.

November_2015_Silverspot_trilogy_opening_0019 November_2015_Silverspot_trilogy_opening_0020

I asked Chef Ed what I should order for my entrée since we could choose any entrée on the menu. Some tool the steak, some the lobster sandwich and others the chicken.



Knowing that I was French and that Chef Ed had experience with French patrons, and knew that I was very familiar with the C.I.A, I was impatient to hear his response.

Oh to my surprise he made a very bold choice, he suggested I try the shrimp and grits. I don’t like grits. Everytime I have tried them, they were either not cooked enough, oovercooked, tasteless and “j’en passe et des meilleurs”. Nevertheless, I asked him if he was sure. He said yes so I went with his choice.


Angry Shrimp and Grits was going to be my choice! It was English cheddar grits, with some chorizo added , and some arugula . I was not disappointed! It was not only succulent, it was tasty, the shrimp and grits from Trilogy have reinvented the dish and made it to a new favorite dish for me. Mes compliments au Chef , vraiment Chef Ed.

I finished my entire plate. I was full!

And then the dessert came. A beautiful tree of cheesecake lollipops. Fun to eat at a table, really an incredible presentation, and delicious. It was again not too heavy, and it was served with a bubblegum whipped cream in a “timbale” on the side.November_2015_Silverspot_trilogy_opening_0027


We were also served a Tiramisu, I had a small bite, it was presented with a raspberry glaze.


In conclusion, the restaurant is elegantly presented and set up, the food was wonderful, the prices were modest, I would recommend Trilogy to patrons