The tour was set up such as first it was the horseback ride through the vineyard, second it was  the wine tasting.

What an incredible afternoon on the trails with beautiful retired polo horses.

We meet with Rafael, a retired polo player,  you can tell when someone truly loves their job, and loves his horses.

Upon arrival,  we went over all the guidelines and policies. You could observe and see that this was a serious business, and safety for the riders as well as the horses is a priority. We signed a waiver to ride the horses.

After entering the large beautiful and majestic stables, I knew this was going to be a wonderful experience. I was allowed to take photos in the stables, and soon after I was introduced to my horse.

February_2015_Chalk_hill_horsebackriding_wine_country_0075 February_2015_Chalk_hill_horsebackriding_wine_country_0052 February_2015_Chalk_hill_horsebackriding_wine_country_0039 February_2015_Chalk_hill_horsebackriding_wine_country_0032 February_2015_Chalk_hill_horsebackriding_wine_country_0023

As a non-equiestral rider, I was a little apprehensive. The key is to be very honest of your level. I was a beginner and I said so. I was giving a nice horse, and was helped by stepping on a nice little ladder to get on the horse. I was after instructed again on the basic command for turning right, left , turning around and stopping to be able to guide the horse correctly.

February_2015_Chalk_hill_horsebackriding_wine_country_0083 February_2015_Chalk_hill_horsebackriding_wine_country_0095

The scenery ride at Chalk Hill Winery was absolutely spectacular.  Riding through the canopied roads and the vineyards was breathtaking. The guide was knowledgeable and personable and well-trained to have beginner, novice or advance people on the tour that lasted over an hour.

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This was such a relaxing and memorable experience!

I highly suggest you do not miss this tour if you are visiting.

Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards & Winery is located right at the border of the Russian River Valley . It is a one hour drive from San Fransisco and about 10 minutes outside of Healdsburg. .