I arrived at the gate of the majestic grounds of Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville, Northern California and what a grandiose place it was! Breathtaking! So incredible I did not want to put down my camera.

February_2015_Francis_ford_coppola_winery_0060 February_2015_Francis_ford_coppola_winery_0070

The winery is filled with many famous movie memorabilia. A true movie museum and gallery. Upstairs, you can see the desk that was in the Godfather movie and the boats that were used in the Marie Antoinette movie. You also can see the actual automobile that was used in the movie, Tucker. The red car was actually placed on a turn table, and you can take many photos around it, it was really impressive. The stairways are massive and wrapped themselves on the way to the second level.

February_2015_Francis_ford_coppola_winery_0136February_2015_Francis_ford_coppola_winery_0124 February_2015_Francis_ford_coppola_winery_0155 February_2015_Francis_ford_coppola_winery_0153

All the movie artifacts is also what  separates it from other wineries I have visited.

I did not try the restaurant Rustic, however the menu looked appealing, the outdoor seating with such an incredible view is a plus. The restaurant prides itself on using vegetables and herbs that are grown on the propriety.


The outdoor grounds were wonderful. It was an open access to the propriety. I was able to go freely everywhere. Between the pool, the bocce courts and the view, it was a relaxing time to take a tour of the propriety.

February_2015_Francis_ford_coppola_winery_0258 February_2015_Francis_ford_coppola_winery_0236

I did not try the wine, as it was early morning, but it was well worth the visit!