It took barely about 50 minutes from South Durham to drive west and arrive at the Celebrity Dairy Inn in Siler City.


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As we approached the gorgeous propriety, we could see the sun shining over the Inn. The white sign that sat at the edge of a beautiful meadow greeted us. The Celebrity Dairy sign has a Logo of the “spoke goat” Gloria. She is the “spokesperson” for the dairy and is decorated by lipstick and “bling”. The Celebrity dairy was actually the first dairy farm in NC with goats.


We arrived to a lengthy driveway that led to the beautiful bed and breakfast with a huge wrap around porch.

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It was a unique plan of a modern and yet very traditional Bed and Breakfast, situated adjacent to cabins on the farm that were built in the 1800’s.   The buildings that housed the goats are right behind the cabins.

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Britt Pfann, the Co-owner and Innkeeper welcomed us.


We were directly introduced to the goats, and Britt did gave us an entire history lesson on the goats. He explained how to take care of them, how to feed them and how to milk them. He was so proud of his goats, and how the Dairy has grown from having just one goat over 20 years ago, to many dozen now. The story really started when Fleming, Britt’s wife found out that she was not allergic to goat milk like she was with cow milk.

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It was fascinating to hear that Britt had spent time in France to learn Farmstead technique and had learned the “savoir faire” of making goat milk into Fresh goat cheese.


We were introduced to the elegant Fleming, after we meet the goats and visited the farm.


She welcomed us into the inn and gave us a tour while explaining its history. The inn itself “owns” the propriety with its elegance and stature. There is on the property, still the original smokehouse. In fact, the inn consists of the original building from the 1800’s, which was an old log cabin, and the new addition. They are joined together by a two-story atrium where a massive gorgeous stone fireplace is the centerpiece. The fireplace was hand built with stones from the property and the granite was transported here from the mid west. At the top of the chimney you can see the signature of the artist, which is a porcelain doorknob.

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The atrium is really the centerpiece of the inn, where meals are enjoyed and guest can conjugate. There is a very long hardwood table that seats up to sixty guests. The atrium is very spacious and yet it holds a lot of warmth, like when you are in the presence of both Fleming and Britt. They are very comfortable with each other, they laugh together, and have much respect for each of their work that they divided in an incredible way. They work and play together very well.

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There are a total of 9 elegantly appointed rooms, both rooms on the first floor are not only handicapped accessible, but but also have French doors that open to the wrap around porch. Each room had it’s own unique name. We had the privilege of staying in Annabelle’s room. The room was a beautiful yellow as well as spacious. The wrought Iron white Queen bed was extremely comfortable with its down bed topper. The in-Suite, spacious, tiled bathroom is modern and spacious.

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In the morning you can smell the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee, from Bean Trader, come to your room. I woke up very early to catch not only the sunrise, but the fog . It was great to be able to wonder around the farm that early. I saw the goats going to get milked, I meet the Lama that is always protecting the goats from dogs, or coyotes. I came back in the Inn where the smell of homemade breakfast made lovingly by Fleming was taking over. I was able to get myself a cup of coffee and bring it back to the room where I enjoyed it while getting ready for the day.

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Breakfast was shared with 3 other guests and included fresh homemade scones, a lime and avocado fresh goat cheese spread to die for, and the famous Silk Hope goat cheese. What a breakfast! Simple food, yet a delicacy.

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We were sent home with the Celebrity Dairy version of the “Crottin” old age goat cheese. My household devoured it and I would honestly say, it was as good as the French Crottin! The dairy won a very picky French household over, and we will become avid and loyal clients. The cheeses are available at several local grocery stores, Weaver Street Market and of course the Durham Farmers market and at the Carrboro Farmers Market. Now you know where you can see me on Saturday mornings!

Additionally, every third Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm, Fleming and Britt host a dinner on the Farm. Bring your wine or beverage of choice, bring the kids and enjoy a nice sit down meal prepared by Fleming, Britt, and the former Chef from Aurora. The children can picnic outside and enjoy being with the animals, playing on the swing while you enjoy these late lunch/early dinners. This a place that is children friendly, so don’t be shy to bring them.

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Call and make your reservation ahead, as those dinners fill up very fast. Britt informed me that there are only a few spot available for this month’s dinner This coming Sunday, December 20th. Call 919-742-5176 to make a reservation.

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The Farm is available to visit in the spring for “Open Barn Day” as the baby goats will have recently been born. There is also a great event in the fall to mark the end of cheese-making season.

Go to the website and check out their events:

The Celebrity Dairy