In the year of 1889, it was France’s turn to host what we call in France the “l’exposition universelle” known around the world as the “World Fair”.  That year, France and the Capital Paris hosted the World Fair to celebrate the 100 years old anniversary of the French  Revolution.

For the “Exposition Universelle” over 100 artists did compete to built some kind of monument on the “Champs de Mars” where the entrance of the World fair was. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was granted the construction.


“Les Parisiens” were not thrilled. Writers, poets like Guy de Maupassant even went as far as calling “La Tour Eiffel” a disgrace to the country. In 1909, it was partially taking down, but then used in the World War I to intercept, and listen to foe communications.

JUne_2015_Paris_0094During World War II,  leader Adolf Hitler demanded, ordered for the tower to be destroyed. The French resistance had the satisfaction to cut all the cables of the elevator that way the Nazis would have to climb the 704 stairs, and yes, if you wondered, I did count them!

The Eiffel tower is THE most visited monument of the world, with over 7 million each year! It is one of the most recognized icon monument of the World. And I am proud to say that I have never gone home in France without seeing it!

Ha La Tour Eiffel, elle est vraiment magique! A monument that is a must to include on your bucket list!


Photography ©Katia S. Photography