The meeting place for the Whale Watch Cabo Tour was located behind the marina in Cabo San Lucas, the Local -16 in the Tesoro Wyndham Resort.

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We arrived at 7:30am for our scheduled 8:15am tour. The office was open, and we were welcomed inside to be able to check in. It was a smooth and easy check in.


We were introduced to Oceanographer, Paola, who was our guide for the tour.  She explained that Whale Watch Cabo partners with research institutions to track and study Humpback Whales.  Many research institutions do not have the resources to track whales by satellite, or to go into the ocean every day to visually track them.  Whale Watch Cabo photographs the whales that are seen on their tours, and shares this with research institutions…..I felt like I was helping with this research by touring with Whale Watch Cabo.

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We walked to the dock where the motorboat was awaiting us.

We were given a few minutes to use the bathroom right there on the dock, which was very clean. I highly recommend for people to use the restrooms right before a tour, whether you need it or not.

We were eight on a boat that could of fit double that amount of people.

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Paola instructed us about the boat, and introduced us to Alonso, our captain.

The captain has such a big role in these tours, he is not only the one that takes us to the whales, but he also spots them, and tries to approach them in a non-threatened way.


The ride was early morning, I had brought my sweater, and it came handy as no matter how sunny it is, it gets chilly and windy in the middle of the ocean.


We stopped in front of Lovers Beach; it is on one side, Divorce Beach on the other. Lovers Beach got it’s name from being on the calm and peaceful Sea of Cortez, Divorce Beach on the other side, is in the tumultuous water of the Pacific Ocean, hence it’s name.

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The ride passed in front of the “Arch” for which Cabo is so well known. It is a memorable stone arch that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Sea of Cortez. We came within 50 feet of it. One of the great things about a tour on a smaller boat is that you can get so close to these magnificent natural wonders.


Paola took photos of each couple in front of the Arch and the photos will be sent to us by email complimentary. What a nice touch!


We passed the “Kings of the Bay” meaning the seals, and then we went around The Point, before heading to the open ocean.


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Paola answered all questions we were asking about whales; their feeding, reproduction rituals, breathing, eating, migration, and much more. They are mammals, they give birth like us, they mate belly to belly and sleep only with half of their brain “asleep”, as the other half needs to be awake to tell the whale to breath.  Humans breathe without having to think about it while whales have to consciously tell themselves to surface and breathe.


Alonso, the Captain spotted the spout, a vapor of water that comes from the whale’s blowhole.  Most people think the whale is “spitting” water into the air, but it is actually exhaling before it prepares to dive again.

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We saw many times the tail of the whale as it was diving back in the water.  The waves were getting bigger and the boat was getting really wet.

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I had moved in the bow, the front of the boat, to be able to get a great view on either side. I took off my shoes and hung my feet overboard. Wow! What a free feeling it was!



The captain drove the boat a bit further as the whales we had spotted were shy so we moved on to see others.

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Paola, a true oceanographer, was having a blast taking photos that will be given to further research on the whales. The photos of the back of the tail are used to identify each whale, as it is unique like our thumbprint.



We stayed out in the blue ocean extra long, so we hastily returned to the Marina. Everyone on the boat was so happy with the trip.

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It was an amazing and incredible unique experience!

Go check their website  Whale Watch Cabo