Cabo Adventures provided complimentary transportation from our resort to the Cabo Adventures Dolphin Center, on the marina, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The building was very clean, modern, with a huge dolphin tank and the possibility of seeing the dolphins through the underground porthole window, or you can sign up for the swimming with the dolphins.

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0012 copy January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0011 copy January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0010 copy



We waited by the “whale watch tour” sign, listening to fun music. I had the time to use the incredibly clean restrooms.  It felt like we were in an oasis free from the hustle and bustle of this very touristy part of Cabo San Lucas.

Our crew introduced themselves to us and escorted us to the zodiac that sat between 25 and 30 passengers.

The zodiacs were docked on the same pier that the cruise ship passengers arrived and departed. It was a very safe, secure and clean pier.

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0015 copy

Prior to boarding, we put on our life vests that were not only suggested, but also mandatory. The crew was very thorough about explaining the safely procedures.

Samantha, our young beautiful guide, was very fun and playful. We also had our captain and our “paparazzi”, Lolo.

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0530 copy

We started our whale watching tour, with Samantha explaining the geography of the area. About ten minutes into the ride we passed in front of the “Arch” for which Cabo is so well known. It is a memorable stone arch that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Sea of Cortez. We came within 50 yards of it! One of the great things about the all weather inflatable speedboats is that you can get so close to these magnificent natural wonders.


Lovers beach, on one side, divorce beach on the other. Lovers beach got it’s name from being on the calm and peaceful Sea of Cortez, Divorce beach on the other side, is in the tumultuous water of the Pacific Ocean, hence it’s name.

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0036 copy

We then picked up the pace and headed with speed, west to the infinite, massive, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Being very close and low to the water, all sensations were amplified making it a very different experience than being on other boats higher from the water.

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0118 copy January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0376 copy

It was a beautiful sunny day and the water was relatively calm. The waves though, were big enough that the passengers felt a bit of a thrill, as we would go to the crest of one wave, to the trough of another. We rode for a while passing the southern coast of the peninsula with it’s magnificent rocky cliffs and beautiful sandy beaches. Resorts were meticulously places along the coastline, when suddenly the boat engine slowed as the crew spotted a puff of water being spit into the sky from a Humpback Whale. We slowly made our way closer to where the water looked more turquoise and flat due to the current the whale was creating as it swam just below the surface.

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0382 copy January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0364 copy

The key in these tours is patience, as we humans are guests in the playground of these giant mammals.

Samantha was very knowledgeable about these whales. She was letting us know that the whale movement from Alaska to Baja California is not only a seasonal event but a magical one as well.

We learned that the male Humpback Whale is the one we see jumping, as he is trying to impress the female whale.

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0252 copy January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0362 copy

If the whales feel non-threatened they can resurface every five to seven minutes, but can stay under the water for thirty minutes or more.


During the tour we were able to spot many whales in the distance.

But as you can see in this photo, that I was able to capture, the whale was quite close!

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0174 copy

With the movement of the boat, the glare of the sun, and the other tourists on the boat with selfie sticks obstructing my view and standing up on the moving boat, I was still able to capture this magnificent creature.

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0122 copy January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0205 copy January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0201 copy


A special microphone was placed under water and we were able to hear the wonderful “songs” and sounds the whale makes. It was truly an exceptional, unforgettable experience.

As we made our way back to the marina at Cabo San Lucas, at a fast smooth pace, we were offered snacks and bottled water.

For some reason while heading east toward the marina, probably because we were going with the current, the ride seemed much smoother.

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0041 copy January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0044 copy

The excursion lasted until 11:30 AM and upon our return to the Cabo Adventures Dolphin Center; we were given a coupon for a complimentary whale tail pendant.

We were, with no rush, able to catch the Cabo Adventure complimentary provided shuttle, back to our resort.

Cabo Adventures is a very professional, the scheduling was accurate, facilities were immaculate, and the crew was beyond fun and knowledgeable.

January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0095 copy January_29016_Mexico_Day-5_Whale_watching_tour_Cabo_adventures_0055 copy

I personally would go back on this tour. I would love to have had my children with me, as it is very educational and memorable. I would bring children over the age of seven, but there are probably parents who would be confortable bringing the minimum required age by Cabo Adventures, which is for children 5 years old and older.