What is luxury? Many of the “Nouveaux riches” feel that luxury is mansions, Bentley’s and more. However, the true definition of “Luxury” is all about quality and exceeding the expectations of either a product or in this case, an incredible and very desirable service, a custom travel style service made just for you!


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When I spoke with Jeremy, the co-founder of LuxLife Vacation, I was impressed by the fact that he and I had the same definition of what defines luxury. Jeremy is very genuine about giving the best services his company can offer, and exceeding his guest’s expectations.

What is LuxLife Vacation?

LuxLife Vacation is a great concept which is completely complementary! It is a luxury destination vacation booking company that works exclusively with high quality resorts, villas, activities and tours.  You , as the traveler, will work with your own concierge to discuss and share your desires, the goal of your vacation, and they will not only help you but open you up to possibilities that you may have not considered.

The company works with Cabo resorts, in Los Cabos, Mexico, that know the meaning of service and the quality of great food and drinks.  I was also impressed to discover that they even consider how the management team treats their employees because that also reflects on the guest’s experience. LuxLife Vacation makes it a point to work only with companies with whom they have built trust.


From the moment you, as a traveler, land in Los Cabos, Mexico, LuxLife Vacation will take care of setting everything up from private cars, quality resorts, and of course the activities in which you are interested. They concierge everything you desire.

The goal of LuxLife Vacation is to have their guests fall in love with Cabo. Exactly like I did, it will insure you will want to come back! I know I will.

After I spent a week’s vacation, earlier this year, in Cabo and experienced one of the resorts that LuxLife Vacation works closely with, I can attest that this is truly the new standard in travel!

I had done a lot of research on the best companies that offered different types of activities in Cabo, and LuxLife Vacation partners with them.  LuxLife Vacation has taken the time to vet the resorts, villas and activities they represent, to ensure the best quality guest experience.

Cabo sailing and snorkeling Adventures

One of the advantages of partnering with LuxLife Vacation, is that they are based in Cabo San Lucas. They know what quality is and what it is not, and they DO NOT CHARGE for their services as it is complementary. Because of their valuable partnerships with local companies, LuxLife Vacation can get better pricing. Their motto is “if guests can find it for cheaper let us know, because we are confident we can do better “apples to apples”.

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They have a live Concierge, to curate your complete itinerary.  This ensures that you are traveling “In the know”, like a local.

Your vacation will be completely customized around your travel style and budget.

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LuxLife Vacations is a American company that has an office right in Cabo!  This will help ensure you have local access to them and an amazing vacation!