When I arrived at the luxury boutique midtown Casablanca hotel I was delighted to see that it was located less than one block from Times Square. It is the closest hotel in New York City to Times Square! 

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The doorman not only eagerly opened the door for us, but also helped us with our luggage. He was very friendly and helpful. Chriss, at the reception, was a delight and much to my surprise let me know that my room was already ready. It was only 1:30pm and check-in was at 2:30pm.

She kindly explains to us that check out is at 12:30pm, and breakfast is served from 7:30am until 10:30am.

The small elevator is covered by brown leather in a checkered pattern and makes it very warm and cozy. A gorgeous colonial Mediterranean oval mirror adorns the back wall. This is not just an elevator. It is art unto itself.

March_2016_Iphone_Casablanca_hotel_0046 March_2016_Iphone_NEWYORK_0024

When I walked into the Deluxe Queen size room, I was so incredibly pleased with the space of the room. Being in the heart of Times Square, one expects a much smaller room.

March_2016_Iphone_Casablanca_hotel_0010 copy March_2016_Iphone_Casablanca_hotel_0009

A walk-in closet is adjacent to the full size bathroom. All the amenities, and products you need are there! No need to travel with shampoo or conditioner, as you are provided with high quality products at all the Library Collection Hotels.

March_2016_Iphone_Casablanca_hotel_0031 copy


The décor of the room really transported you back to Morocco during the early days of World War II, when Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman see each other again in Casablanca. The entire hotel is decorated in that romantic theme, in an elegant way.

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A wine and cheese reception is held on the second floor in a very nice space called “Rick’s Café”.



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The reception is complementary to patrons. It begins at 5:00pm and goes until 8:00pm. White wine, champagne, red wine with different choices of cheeses, olives, nuts, crackers, and baguettes are available.

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Even the upscale wicker furniture, fit the theme. Three gorgeous tall doors are open to a ‘trompe l’oeil’ painting and give you the feel that you are outside in the city of Casablanca.

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This hotel is a perfect hotel to be in: in the heart of Times Square, in the middle of the action, next to the Broadway shows. I walked to the B.B. King club and went inside to catch an old blues guy perform. It was perfect!


Turn down service came while we were gone and they left two Leonidas dark chocolate on the nightstand.

To my big surprise, the room was extremely quiet and a wonderful night of sleep was ahead of me.

The aroma of coffee made its way to the fifth floor, what a great way to wake up! I made my way to the second level where a delicious complementary breakfast was served.

I bypassed the elevator and made my way down by the double stairways that reminded me of the old days when the king had a stairway for the queens and one for his mistresses.


Breakfast choices were incredible. Fresh bagels, croissants, pain au chocolate, fresh fruits, yogurt, bread, cappuccino, fresh orange and grapefruit juice were also available.

March_2016_Iphone_Casablanca_hotel_0034 March_2016_Iphone_NEWYORK_0006 March_2016_Iphone_NEWYORK_0005 copy March_2016_Iphone_Casablanca_hotel_0033

At any time of the day, at the Casablanca Hotel, you can go to “Rick’s Café” to have a hot or cold drink, fruits, muffins and cookies. This is a generous service offered by the Library Hotel Collection and is included in the price of your room.

Times Square is known to most of us as being noisy and full of lights even in the middle of the night. You would think, being less than a block from Times Square, it would not be a good location for an upscale boutique hotel, but you could not be more wrong!

The Casablanca Hotel is designed very well with the rooms away from the noise and lights and I did not feel like I was in Times Square until I walked out the front lobby.