The taxi driver pulled up in front of the red awning of the Hotel Elysee located on 60 E 54th Street, in the heart of Manhattan.  What a beautiful first impression!

The moment the taxi pulled in, a valet came to open the trunk, unloaded our luggage, waited patiently and respectfully for us to pay our fare, and then opened the door of our taxi for us to get out.

March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0059 copy

The valet introduced himself, and took all the luggage into the Elysee Hotel. The lobby was full of people, as a group had jus came in. Still less than a minute later we were helped at the front desk. We were told that our room was not ready. I anticipated that, as we were an hour early. We were welcomed to wait at the hotel and to go to the club room, upstairs on the second level of the hotel where complimentary tea, coffee, water, fruits and cookies are available all day for guests!

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We chose to go and walk around to experience the city.

We went down Park Avenue, as we were only half a block from there. We started to walk and then saw the Helmsley building, and right behind it, the Met Life building.

It was so interesting to see the traffic go “through the building”. Like a viaduct, there is one tunnel for uptown and one tunnel for downtown.

By walking around, we really got the feel of where we were. The Hotel Elysée is located on East 54th Street, between Park and Madison Avenues.

The Elysee hotel is definitely a great location.  It’s close to Central Park and it’s in Midtown Manhattan.

Old yet not dreary, this hotel is very authentic, chic, elegant and sophisticated.  The building that the Hotel Elysée now occupies, was built in the 1920’s. It got it’s name from a very fine French restaurant of that time.

When we returned to the hotel, we were recognized at the front desk and were given our room key. Check out the elevator’s beautifully painted doors.



I saw that room 70 was our magic number.

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Our valet brought our luggage to the room and was helpful letting us know that a wine and cheese reception is open to all guests of the hotel, daily from five to eight.

As I entered the room, I was stunned by how spacious it was. I think having stayed in NYC hotels before I was used to very tiny rooms. This room is not tiny!  We had a sliding glass door which opened to a large sunroom.  The bricks on one of the walls were cream painted making the sunroom feel very cozy but spacious.

March_2016_NYC_Hotel_Elysee_Day_1_0135 copy March_2016_NYC_Hotel_Elysee_Day_1_0139 copy March_2016_NYC_Hotel_Elysee_Day_1_0140 copy March_2016_NYC_Hotel_Elysee_Day_1_0141 copy


March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0164 copy

Elegant striped wallpaper was adorning the room. Attention to details is what I loved about this boutique hotel!

Charles Louis Lingee “L’occupation” , “The Promenade du matin” and “La Foire du Village” were the beautiful artwork on the wall. Looking as they should be looking, like old pictures, inside appropriate frames that I could see belonging at the Elysee in Paris, or even in Versailles.

“Old” French sheets and a thin comforter beautifully cover the queen size bed.  The carpet with blue designs in it, match the bed cover and the pillow! An antique armoire is hiding the flat screen TV as to ensure it does not to clash with the style of the room.

I loved being welcome by two bottles of water with a Leonidas dark chocolate and orange chocolate bar! The simple things that go a long way.

March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0142 copy March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0161 copy

The bathroom is spacious, including shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, and everything needed.

March_2016_NYC_Hotel_Elysee_Day_1_0132 copy March_2016_NYC_Hotel_Elysee_Day_1_0128 copy


I was hand delivered a bottle of red wine…and a pack of Leonidas chocolates by a lovely lady that wanted to make sure I felt welcome at the hotel. I did!

March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0162 copy

At around 6pm, after editing some photos in the sunroom, I went to the second level club for the complimentary wine and cheese reception. As soon as I arrived, I was seated and asked what I wanted to drink. I was offered wine, champagne, tea, coffee or water. It was actually brought to me at my table.

March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0189 copy March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0188 copy

All the different cheeses looked so good. At least five different cheeses were served with crackers. Olives, cookies and nuts were also available.

March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0183 copy March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0187 copy

After the reception, we went out on the city and were able to take a short walk to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center. It was fun to see Radio City and where the late show is taped. Everything was so closed to the hotel.  The Elysee is in such a great location.

Because it was late February, it was rather cold outside.  Because we were pretty cold when we returned to the hotel around 10 pm, we made our way to the second floor where we knew we would find hot chocolate and hot tea to warm us up. The complementary drinks that were available to us was tea, coffee, hot cocoa.  These are available 24/7, to all patrons.

March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0193 copy

After enjoying our hot drinks, we returned to our room and appreciated that he turn down service had been completed. The covers were pull back and by then I was ready to go to sleep.

The bed mattress was firm and very comfortable and it was an incredibly peaceful night. The “black out” curtains kept the morning daylight out of our room.

Breakfast was served from 8-11 am and it was served at the second level club. Choices of croissants, chocolate croissants, assorted bagels were available with fresh juices including orange, grapefruit. Coffee, cappuccino and tea were also served.

March_2016_Iphone_NewYork_hotel_elysee__0192 copy MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0043 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0041 copy MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0034 copy MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0033 copy

We ate by the beautiful windows, and one story down, we were able to look at people passing by on the street level.  I felt like I was back in Paris! The hotel really gave you the feel for this!

MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0037 copy MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0035 copy

Check out was not only easy, but I was offered to leave my baggages in the hotel while out on a tour! The staff at this hotel and the hotel itself, makes you feel at home, and nothing is impossible. The staff is really there to make your trip to New York City what it should be: A wonderful experience!

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