As an oil painter for over 20 years, I had no idea what to expect out of Paint Nite Durham! I was in for a treat!

I love to support the businesses/restaurants that promote these kinds of local events and help bring a community together.

Paint Nite, on Tuesday, was in a downtown Durham restaurant in Brightleaf Square called Satisfaction. We had a quick bite, and great food as we watched Janice set up for Paint Nite.

Jason was our fabulous waiter for the evening and ended up being our waiter for the entire event.

A big banner was posted at the door. An entire area of the restaurant was dedicated for “the painters”.



In recognition to St. Patrick’s Day, Janice put green tablecloths on the table.  On these, sat easels with a canvas waiting for each guest. A green Paint Nite apron was provided to each “artist”.




She then placed paper plates with five different paint colors on it, at the base of the easel.

March_2016_Iphone_Paint_nite_0025 March_2016_Paint_nite_0033

By 7pm, everyone had arrived and we all sat on our chairs. Everyone, but one person out of the group, had never participated in a Paint Nite.

March_2016_Iphone_Paint_nite_0053 March_2016_Iphone_Paint_nite_0058

March_2016_Iphone_Paint_nite_0035 March_2016_Iphone_Paint_nite_0085

Janice had a finished painting on display of what was to be created.   She began by explaining how to start our painting by describing the paint colors to use and what brushes, out of the three that were provided, we should use.



As a painter, this was not a difficult project. Since most in attendance did not have a lot of experience painting, they asked specific questions. I loved how Janice was patient, taking her time to explain how to apply the paint, how often to re-wet the brushes and how to paint over “mistakes”. She was great!


Jason our waiter was very good about coming by and asking if we needed drinks.

Janice turned on some great background music.  How can you go wrong with great tunes, painting and wine?


Everybody was having fun, and I have to say even for those that had never painted since second grade, their paintings looked as good as the ones we “advanced painters” were trying to create.



This is a perfect event for date night, girls night out, family birthday celebrations, date night or even for singles that want to meet other singles.

March_2016_Iphone_Paint_nite_0082 March_2016_Iphone_Paint_nite_0083

To my readers that are single guys…this is the perfect night for you to meet women!

March_2016_Iphone_Paint_nite_0112 March_2016_Iphone_Paint_nite_0113


It was fun and I have a painting in my home to prove it!