As we arrived in front of the Hotel Giraffe, located on the corner of Park Avenue and 26th Street, you could see that you had arrived at a modern establishment.



Beautiful natural wood and giraffe miniatures are welcoming you in the reception area of the Giraffe Hotel along with elegance, grace, and beauty.



We were directed to the front desk where J.R. was nothing but smiles and a wonderful help! He was so happy to inform us that we had been upgraded to a king suite with a balcony. We took the beautifully designed elevator to the 11th floor.

The double doors led us to two suites 1105-1106.  We would be staying in 1106.


We were so incredibly surprised to see the spacious and beautifully decorated king size suite with a balcony. The view from the balcony is actually overlooking 5th avenue! The dark grey wallpaper and the dark brown natural wood closet combined with the maroon/Bordeaux blackout blinds.

MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0330 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0328 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0326 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0322

When you enter the room, you are greeted by a couch and chairs.  Very tall double doors lead to the balcony.


The bathroom divided the living room from the bedroom. The room itself was truly what the hotel prized itself to be “ An Urban Oasis in the City”.

MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0309 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0308 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0338 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0337

All throughout the room; you can feel the Modern Art period that inspired the architect.

Hotel Giraffe is a model of modern elegance and grace. Our suite reflected that! It was very spacious, very sophisticated.


We went to the lobby of the hotel for the complementary wine and cheese reception that was served from 5pm until 11pm.

There was a beautiful display of cheese, crackers, champagne, wine and olives. You will be relaxed and enjoying the open room beautifully decorated with a piano. What an amazing decor to enjoy a pre-dinner drink!

MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0364 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0362 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0360 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0351 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0345 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0341

Turn down service came while we were at the wine and cheese reception.

The room was quiet and elegantly lit.


Breakfast was a great spread of fresh chocolate croissants, bagels, fresh fruits, fresh juice, capuccinos and coffee.

MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0017 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0014 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0012 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0025

Hotel Giraffe was an incredibly modern hotel that I would highly recommend.