To my surprise, the hostess directed us to an “underground” restaurant located beneath the beautiful Giraffe hotel where we were staying.

We walked in to what look like a small restaurant.

MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0429 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0428

I never would of thought that such a trendy place could be hiding right beneath our feet.

We were seated in a small alcove with brick walls, leather seats, unique beet colored curtains and wooden partition walls. It was such warm décor and was welcomed on this cold evening.

The brick oven pizza was in an open kitchen and you can admire the skills of the pizzaiolo.


Our waitress, Alexandra, introduced herself and offered us choices of either sparkling or flat water.

Bread and Tulips offered extensive choices of cocktails and wine.

We ordered the “Burrata and Heirloom tomato, olive oil, basil and black pepper” of the appetizers menu.

Alexandra informed us that the Burrata is made fresh in house.  She recommended it as a selection when I asked about it. It was a great choice I must say. I loved it.

MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0406 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0404

I then took the “strip steak Tagliata” which was grass feed. It was cook to perfection. I asked for rare and it came out rare. What a delight! It melted in my mouth! It was served with parmesan fries, arugula and a natural jus. The arugula was so fresh and the fries were very good! Not greasy at all.

MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0419 MArch_2016_Iphone_newyorkCity_HotelGiraffe_0422

The olive oil that was served with bread was different. As soon as I tasted it I was taken back to Italy and Greece where I experienced the pure virgin olive oil.


Talking to Ricardo, the manager of Bread and Tulips, I was told that the olive oil is shipped from Europe (Italy and Greece).

The bread was delicious, no wonder why it’s in the name of the restaurant!  The crust was slightly crunchy and the middle earthy enough to be able to soak the oil well.


Dessert was a hard and tough choice for me. Asking Alexandra for her recommendation, she surprised me by her answer.

I was going to go classic with the tiramisu but decided instead for the decadent chocolate mousse served with hazelnut gelato.


This was one of the best desserts I had had in a while.

It was a treat to eat at Bread and Tulips and I will certainly be back on my next trip to New York City.