The road that leads me to the quaint and charming town of Highlands, North Carolina, was sinuous and it was absolutely impossible not too stop to admire all the majestic views of the mountains and the waterfalls.

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When you reach Highlands, the Old Edwards Inn is very easy to find, located in the heart of downtown.


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We pulled in and parked on the street across from this beautiful brick and historic building. A valet opened the doors where the sign in wrought iron of Old Edwards Inn was adorning the door.


We were escorted to a quaint desk to sit down and check in with Gray. We were offered and enjoyed a glass of champagne as Gray was describing the Relais & Chateaux and giving us our room keys.

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Staying in the historic inn, in the heart of the town was majestical. We went up to our room. 1010 was our magic number, even though the number on the door referred to is simply as room 10.

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As we entered the inviting room, Tanner gave us a tour of the room. This is not a regular room; this was beautiful cozy and charming suite, decorated in elegance. There was classical music playing and we can see the we had a balcony.  Actually, two balconies!March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0006 March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0003 March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0194 March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0187


We learned from Tanner that both of the bathroom floors were heated. One bathroom was a full bath and the other was a ¾ bathroom. We were provided plush robes and slippers.

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The room is spacious, and the two balconies were spacious. One off the bedroom and one off the living rooms. The view from this terrace was incredible as it was right there with views of main street in downtown Highlands.


Within the historic inn, the Butler’s Corner is where you can stop by and get coffee.  The Old Edwards Inn is set up like an intimate inn and yet it covers 3 city blocks. There are many lodging options.  The historic building were were in felt more like a bed and breakfast.

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The multitude of accommodations will have you choosing from feeling like you are staying at a bed and breakfast to feeling like you are staying in a mountain lodge.

All the amenities on site are incredible. From spa services, to multiple restaurants options, to several shopping venues. It is much more than an “Inn”.

We were welcomed in our room by an envelope with each of our names on it and a beautiful fresh rose.


Chef Huerta had an “assiette of charcuterie” placed in our room with homemade thyme crackers, and crostini’s and a handwritten card welcoming us.

March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0176 March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0200 March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0203 March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0202


In addition to reviewing the inn, I asked if I could feature Chef Chris Huerta as my Chef of the Month for April.  My meeting with him did not start until 5:30pm so I took a quick bath in the pretty white bathroom. Hot water came fast, plenty of towels were available and the warm tiles on my feet was wonderful.  The lights in the bathrooms could be dimmed to create a very relaxing atmosphere.   Additionally, itt was a pleasure to see that all lights were not fluorescent, to be able to enhancing a woman face.

After my meeting with Chef Chris I had about an hour before dinner and decided to start writing. I was busy when turn down service came, so they actually did make a note of this and came back while we were at dinner. This is the attention to detail I want to emphasize. This is a Relais Chateaux and a four star Forbes facility, after all!

March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0315 March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0250

The turn down service was exeptional. A towel was laid at the feet of the bed with sleepers on it. A wrapped little cookie was left on the bed with a note.

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What a wonderful peaceful night it was!

I woke up the next morning and went on the balcony to work after I got my coffee at the Butlers Room. The scenic view was magical: Birds chirping, gorgeous moutains views and the sunrise…

The Old Edwards Inn is the perfect place for a change of pace, a celebration of an anniversary, a birthday, or even a girl’s getwaway weekend…and much more!!