When Chef Chris Huerta welcomed me in the beautiful lobby of the restaurant, I was surprised to see such a young man. I had done my research of course prior to meeting him and I was not expecting such a young chef as I knew he had such an impressive resume.


Chef Chris Huerta started in his teens, as what will become his career in a small boutique bakery café house where he was shown the love of making everything in house and from scratch.

He grew up in Georgia on a farm. It needs to be mentioned that with a grandma that is a great cook and a dietician, his love for food was developed very early!

Just about sixteen years ago, the famous Garrett Hotel group hired him when he was at the beginning of his culinary career.

Chris, in the meeting with the executive board of the Garrett Hotel, decided that learning under a mentor and great executive chefs would be more educational for him. What a smart choice, as he went to work for three Star Michelin, very well known, Executive Chef Albert Roux at the “Point”. He also was able to work under Chef Robert McCormick, and in the summer he would get experience working at Lake Placid.

I could name plenty more incredible chefs that Chris worked under, but what is important here is that all these incredible chefs gave Chef Chris the “Panoplie of mentors” that will carve who Chris will become. He was able to develop his own style, and you can really see that in his cuisine.


March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0487Chef Chris Huerta was hired by the Old Edwards Inn nine years ago as a sous- chef.  He moved his way up to executive Chef and loves it as much as the first day he began. He is able to focus on farm to table food and quality. He really introduced the Old Edwards Inn to real “tradesman food”.

March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0315 March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0254

When Chris came on board, at the old Edwards Inn he decided to buy from a local farmer, Dave Taylor. However, what Dave could produce weekly was actually needed on a daily basis! Chef Chris saw the potential and partnered with Dave.  The growing of produce was so successful, they soon outgrew the land.

The Old Edwards Inn, in conjunction with Chris Huerta, now have over four acres of farm land and two heated green houses.

When Dave left the farming industry,  Ezra became the new farmer and he is able to bring his love, and extensive education of agriculture and works as a team with Chef Chris Huerta.

Chris has the menu changed on average of one time every four to five weeks.

After talking in the lobby for a little while with this incredible personality of a chef, I followed him into the beautiful kitchen.  He prepared the almond crusted sunburst trout, which is served with warm cauliflower couscous, roasted cauliflower, glazed choy, toasted almonds, golden raisins and topped with an old fashioned almond cream.  He then proceeded to explain how the kitchen was working with his staff.

March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0343 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0344 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0351

You can see the passion when Chef Chris Huerta not only prepares the food but also when he choses which trout to prepare.  He was so happy to show me the fresh pink color of the fish. You can see the passion as well when he plated the dish!

March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0373 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0384 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0394 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0404 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0407 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0412 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0423 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0493 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0529 March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0583

It was a decadent pleasure to enjoy the food that same evening at the Madison Restaurant that was so incredibly prepared by the chef!

March_2016_Olds_edwards_inn_0593 March_2016_Iphone_Old_edwards_inn_0310

You can tell that this wonderful, family owned inn, that now has the famous French label Relais & Chateaux, has committed themselves not only to offer the best rooms and services possible, but they have equally committed themselves to offer the best food and ingredients with one of the best chefs: Chef Chris Huerta.