Gate 4 at Cabo San Lucas Marina was where we meet up to enjoy the sunset jazz and wine cruise.

We were there twenty minutes before our cruise was scheduled to departure. We were in for a treat as this is a two-hour tour.

It was a great start when I saw the beautiful catamaran waiting at the pier for everyone to get on board. This large catamaran was able to comfortably seat twenty-five people. There was available seating inside and out. The great thing about a catamaran is that it is extremely stable and does not rock from side to side as much as a regular boat.

The staff that welcomed us was very hospitable and told us that food and drinks were available.

The food was fresh and you could tell it was homemade. The crew members came to ask us if we wanted something to drink. It was wonderful as the staff really made sure your glass was never empty. You had many choices from alcoholic beverages, wine, or soda.

Right before we passed in the front of Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach, a crew member introduced himself as the staff photographer. When we passed very closed to the Arch , he took incredible photos of the guests and the Arch, that you were able to purchase at then end of the cruise.

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As the sun began to set over the beautifully colored horizon, we sailed out of the harbor and went into the deep ocean, directly toward the sun. As the evening progressed, it started to cool off. The crew asked if we needing blankets and passed them out to the guests. What a great touch!

We spent most of our time on toward the bow of the well-maintained and beautiful catamaran. Music was playing and it was indeed a very romantic sunset cruise.

January_2016_Mexico_Tropicat_sunset_Cruise_0105 January_2016_Mexico_Tropicat_sunset_Cruise_0171 January_2016_Mexico_Tropicat_sunset_Cruise_0160 January_2016_Mexico_Tropicat_sunset_Cruise_0155

As we continued our route toward the sea, the captain must of spotted a whale and we change our direction. The whale started to jump not too far from us. It was spectacular. The sunset cruise did not mention whale watching but I tell you, the sunset on a catamaran, a whale jumping, great music, food and drinks. It was magical!

January_2016_Mexico_Tropicat_sunset_Cruise_0187 January_2016_Mexico_Tropicat_sunset_Cruise_0186 January_2016_Mexico_Tropicat_sunset_Cruise_0180

All the guests were in awe to see the whales!


It was an incredibly romantic cruise, with great food, great drinks and beautiful music! A must when you are in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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