We arrived in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort. It is the only resort in the area that is both on the sound and the Atlantic Ocean! It’s also only about fifteen minutes from Wilmington, North Carolina.

The sign for the Blockade Runner was very easy to see.


As we pulled up to the front of the resort, Wilson, the valet, greeted us. He was very helpful and put our luggage on a luggage cart and stayed with us throughout the check-in process. Valet parking is complimentary, but you also have the option to self-park.

The deep scent of the ocean met us at the door and the decorations for Easter were gorgeous and were accentuated as centerpieces on the beautifully decorated tables in the lobby.



Check-In was easy, Jessica was very welcoming and explained to us where our room was.

March_2016_Iphone_Arrival_Blockade_runner_0039 March_2016_Iphone_Arrival_Blockade_runner_0036 March_2016_Iphone_Arrival_Blockade_runner_0043Wilson escorted us up to the fourth floor and to room 414.

Our room is a beautifully textured wishbone cream color wallpaper, and to accentuate the cream, there is leather headboard and the same wallpaper but in an orange color on another wall. The room is so modern and very spacious.

We requested a room with two queen beds. They had a yellow throw blanket and one gorgeous painting of the beach adorned the wall.


March_2016_Iphone_Arrival_Blockade_runner_0048 A beautiful desk, a cross between modern and antique is at the edge of the room, that way when you work or sit down you can have a view of the ocean waves crashing on the sand.

March_2016_Iphone_Arrival_Blockade_runner_0046 March_2016_Iphone_Arrival_Blockade_runner_0061

There is a fifty inch plasma television with a very nice selection of channels from which to choose.

March_2016_Iphone_Arrival_Blockade_runner_0050Room service brought us complimentary bottle of white wine, a bottle of Welch’s sparkling juice and soft fresh baked pretzels served with cheese, and an assortment of mustard.


The pretzels were warm, fresh and slightly salted and we were able to enjoy this delightful food on the spacious covered balcony, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

March_2016_Iphone_Arrival_Blockade_runner_0101 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0115

As a travel writer, I was offered to have a tour of the different options for guest rooms.

Of the 180 rooms at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort, there are several accommodation options. Sounds view or Ocean view, balcony or no balcony, suite, king or two queens. I was able to tour a variety of rooms.

March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0100 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0065 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0079 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0031 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0028 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0035

The State Room Suite is in deed the nicest room. There are three of these suites on property. It has a room (separate from the bathroom) with a bathtub and a television. It also has an area in the living room to either hold a meeting or socialize. The balcony is quite large and even has a “fireplace” on the wall.



All the rooms I toured were modern and renovated within the past few years.

Next, we decided to wander and explore the resort on our own. The lobby was so nicely decorated for Easter, and you could tell ahead that the resort was expecting many children. Upscale centerpieces, pastel colors, decorations were au “rendez-vous”.

March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0175 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0167 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0177 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0151 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0145 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0141 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0132 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0130

The lobby is accentuated in a “living room” flair. You can sit on the beautiful chairs and the comfortable couch with a view of the outdoor terrace, with the high ceiling and siding doors.

One of the large outdoor grass areas has a path and games set up to enjoy quality time with family or friends. Some people were flying kites, while others were playing bocci and some corn hole.

March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0221 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0226 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0228 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0235 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0269 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0271

There is direct beach access and only yards from the lobby. How incredible to be able to leave your hotel room and walk a few steps to be right there on the warm sand.

March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0259 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0277 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0288

What if I could tell you that staying at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort would eliminate the stress that many of us with children, know can take a toll on us? Yes, carrying the towels, frisbee, pails, shovels, umbrellas is now not a struggle since you are right there next to the beach!

March_2016_Iphone_Arrival_Blockade_runner_0157 March_2016_Iphone_Arrival_Blockade_runner_0067 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Closeup_0013 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0317 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0303 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0301

The “Seacape Dining and Pool Bar” located close to the outdoor swimming pool is open on weekends during the month of April from morning until Sunset. Summer hours start at the beginning of May and “Seacape Dining and Pool Bar” becomes a separate dining restaurant that offers a full menu of lunch and dinner items prepared by Executive Chef Jessica Cabo. She was actually a contestant on the television show, Hell’s Kitchen! She is well known for her extraordinary skills of buying local, healthy cooking strategies and using fresh ingredients, some of which is produce grown right here in the gardens of the Blockade Runner Beach Resort. Chef Jessica brings Californian, Mexican, Asian and Mediteranean influences to the Resort.

If you are lucky, you will see her famous fish tacos and guacamole, table-side service, appearing on the “Seacape Dining and Pool Bar” this summer.

The outdoor swimming pool is big enough for children to have fun and make plenty of friends, while you sip a mixed drink from “Seacape Dining and Pool Bar”.

A fitness center with plenty of wonderful top of the line equipment is available and is adjacent to a sauna and a large hot tub. The swimming pool is part inside, so while you relax in the hot tub, you still have the opportunity to have an eye on your children at the pool. There is no need to carry towels with you, plenty of beautiful yellow striped towels are available.

March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0155 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0157 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0160 March_2016_Blockade_runner_Rooms_tour_hotel_0163

If you do not know how to make a special time with your family, the Blockade Runner Beach Resort is your answer.


Check their available rates and book your must stay this summer!