Upon our arrival in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and 24 hours prior to our tour, we were notified by email of a dock change and we would be upgraded to Blue Sky Cabo’s newest and largest yacht: Blue Sea 60’ Bertram.

This had us totally excited and waiting avec anticipation for this incredible tour that we knew it was going to be.


We were told to bring our own snacks and drinks and that our wonderful captain, Leonel, was able to stop at the marina market if we needed to make any purchases after we boarded the yacht.

We went inside the cabin of the yacht and were told to put our drinks in the refrigerator.

January_2016_Mexico_Iphone_Blue_sky_Cabo_Yatch_0038 We had access to the entire yacht.

The three level yacht was incredible and can be rented for deep sea fishing and for sunset cruises.


Captain Lionel and the entire crew were incredibly nice.

January_2016_Mexico_Yacht_Cruise_Blue_Sky_Cabo_Tour_0026 January_2016_Mexico_Yacht_Cruise_Blue_Sky_Cabo_Tour_0037 January_2016_Mexico_Yacht_Cruise_Blue_Sky_Cabo_Tour_0079

The crew prepared a margarita for everybody to enjoy. It was a wonderful sunset cruise. We pulled right up to the Arch, and stayed there long enough for people to take photos of themselves with the Arch in the background. I was all the way on the top-level taking photos and notes. The view was magnificent!


January_2016_Mexico_Iphone_Blue_sky_Cabo_Yatch_0069 January_2016_Mexico_Iphone_Blue_sky_Cabo_Yatch_0074

What a wonderful and very peaceful sunset cruise.

January_2016_Mexico_Yacht_Cruise_Blue_Sky_Cabo_Tour_0132 January_2016_Mexico_Yacht_Cruise_Blue_Sky_Cabo_Tour_0112 January_2016_Mexico_Yacht_Cruise_Blue_Sky_Cabo_Tour_0109 January_2016_Mexico_Yacht_Cruise_Blue_Sky_Cabo_Tour_0106 January_2016_Mexico_Yacht_Cruise_Blue_Sky_Cabo_Tour_0083

The crew threw some of the deep-sea fishing lines in the water while we were cruising towards the ocean.  Shortly after, the captain spotted a Blue Whale.

You could tell that the crew’s only goal was to make the guest experience incredible. The gear was top of the line, the crew was even taking photos for the guests and the captain made sure when he spotted the whales that we were able to see them.

The sunset was spectacular, I was able to maneuver across the narrow ledge leading from the back of the boat to the front.

January_2016_Mexico_Iphone_Blue_sky_Cabo_Yatch_0094January_2016_Mexico_Iphone_Blue_sky_Cabo_Yatch_0083 January_2016_Mexico_Iphone_Blue_sky_Cabo_Yatch_0084At the front of the boat, guests were able to lay down and enjoy the incredible view.


What beautiful memories one can have participating in this sunset cruise. All the guests were so happy with their experience and you could tell this was a trip they would never forget.

Blue Sky Cabo will no doubt give you the best experience on a luxury yacht. This is a great company for either a sunset cruise, a family fishing trip, or a deep-sea experience for novice or advanced fishermen.