Dinner at Chef’s Palette was such a treat, especially after spending time in the kitchen with Chef Ryan Summers.


We were seated in the dining room and given a table that had beautiful place settings. The dining room was beautifully decorated and holds about forty people. Pieces of art were spaced on the wall and a colorful painters palette was painted at the entrance of the dining room.

April_2016_Chefs_palette_0113There were plenty of choices from the restaurant dinner menu.  Believe it or not, as you open the menu, it would light up.  Very classy, and a great feature in a dimly lit and elegant dining room.


April_2016_Chefs_palette_0094Our waiter, Corey, was very distinguished.  He was extremely polite and knowledgable about the menu.  He carried himself in a manor that one would expect in a luxury restaurant.  It was a pleasure to have such a fine young man serving us.

For appetizers, we decided to go with Batik Brie Bites.

Served on a gorgeous oval black plate, the Brie cubes were lightly tempura-battered and fried but at the same time, they were so light. They were served with a fruit compote, red pepper jelly and honey-almond spread.  They were so good.

April_2016_Chefs_palette_0096 April_2016_Chefs_palette_0099Earlier in the evening when I was interviewing Chef Ryan in the kitchen, I asked him what he would suggest for dinner. Short ribs was his answer. I took his advice and had the short ribs.  They were slow-roasted to perfection, with a red wine-sauce. No need of a knife for these short Ribs!   They were served over Boursin cheese mashed potatoes, pearl onions, baby carrots, and topped with fresh rosemary and a rosemary natural jus. It was decadent!

April_2016_Chefs_palette_0100The dish in itself reminded me of an incredibly good American version of the famous French dish “Boeuf Bourguignon”.

I can’t believe that I finished my entire plate, but it was cooked to absolute perfection and tasted even better!

Dessert was equally decadent! The Peanut Butter Cheesecake was so creamy and yet not heavy.  It was served over a pretzel crust, and uniquely garnished with a house-made caramel popcorn that I still think about!

Chef’s Palette is a restaurant in Cary, North Carolina, that you must try!