The anticipation started when you walked in the Blockade Runner and could see all the Easter decorations, centerpieces and the Easter Bunny walking around and handing eggs from a basket to children.


The kids were mesmerized to see the Easter Bunny had showed up for the event.


The guests of the Easter egg hunt and brunch were so nicely dressed in pastel colors.

March_2016_Blockade_Easter_egg_hunt_0016Some guests had reservation for the Easter brunch buffet, before the egg hunt and some had reservations after.


Staff of the hotel had started to set up for the egg hunt, but since the weather was not cooperating, they were waiting until the last minute to decide if the hunt was going to be held outside.

March_2016_Blockade_Easter_egg_hunt_0001 March_2016_Blockade_Easter_egg_hunt_0003

From my lovely room balcony, I could see the staff bringing a kayak , chairs, cones and other “decorations” needed to hide the eggs in and under, in the open courtyard.  This would make the hunt as pleasant and attractive as it could be.

March_2016_Easter_morning_before_egg_hunt_0001 March_2016_Easter_morning_before_egg_hunt_0045

At the time that we had finally came to the realization that it would be another Easter under the rain, the kids were so excited and had anticipated the hunt so much, that nobody at this point really worried or cared that it was drizzling.

The resort staff seemed excited for the event, the Easter Bunny had the kids so happy and excited, that somehow everyone forgot the weather conditions.

Little tikes under three years old were to have the hunt inside.   Outside the hunt was divided into two group:  Children four to seven on once side of the lawn and eight to twelve on the other side.

March_2016_Blockade_Easter_egg_hunt_0012I decided to hunt for eggs with the outside children.  As soon the children were given the green light, they went sprinting in search of the eggs. How incredible that as a parent you could go to such a great resort, and have everything ready for your little ones to have such a great Easter egg hunt. Colorful Easter baskets were provided by the resort as well.

March_2016_Blockade_Easter_egg_hunt_0010 March_2016_Blockade_Easter_egg_hunt_0008 March_2016_Blockade_Easter_egg_hunt_0033 March_2016_Blockade_Easter_egg_hunt_0021 March_2016_Blockade_Easter_egg_hunt_0018 March_2016_Blockade_Easter_egg_hunt_0051

The hunt appeared over when we saw Jessica, one of the resort staff, run with baskets filled with more eggs to drop on the lawn. As you can imagine, the children started to scream and to run after the eggs dropping. Jessica did this another time as well, surprising the children with additional eggs.  It was fun and memorable and great that the rain held off to just a drizzle!!


The Easter Egg Hunt at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort was so extraordinary that I wanted to leave you with a poem and photos of my experience.

Make your plans now for next year to take your children and have a great experience at the Easter Egg Hunt and brunch, at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.



Hazy morning, sprinkles falling down from the sky,

Waves crashing on the sand

And waiting for the kids to come and hunt.

Centerpieces were adorning the tables of the resort

Pastel colors, decorations and empty baskets

Were waiting for the kids to arrive.

The grass freshly cut, filled with ocean themed games,

Was waiting for kids to start racing,

Hunting for the eggs.

Kids of all ages, under the drops of the rain

Started their run furiously

Like little sharks after the fish,

For the hiding eggs.

Wet, but happy kids went back in

To look at their treasures,

While parents were waiting to be seated for brunch.

Easter was again at the Blockade Runner

Welcoming in the beginning of summer.