The Jefferson Hotel, is a five-star, Forbes rated property as well as a five diamond, AAA rated property, located in the heart of downtown Richmond, Virginia. The Jefferson Hotel property In Richmond is also a member of the Historic Hotels of America

We pulled into the courtyard to arrive at the magnificent, grand and historic hotel.  A beautiful fountain with a stone alligator coming out of it was the centerpiece of the courtyard.


Flags hung on the awning at the entrance of the Jefferson Hotel.

Upon getting out of our car on the cold and windy day, we were greeted by the valet for valet parking.  I immediately felt heat radiate down on me.  There were heaters on the ceiling of the entrance in the courtyard.  This is something that is very rare and was very welcome.


When we entered the lobby, it truly feel like we were going back in time!  What you see is the huge white statue of Thomas Jefferson right there in the center of the hotel lobby, with the two story glass dome ceiling.

It gives you a sense that Thomas Jefferson is watching all the travelers and greeting them at their passage.

The three check-in windows look like old train station or post office counters. What a very classy and very private way of checking in.

We were given our “passport” with our room number, room key, and information about the hotel; like the restaurant and pool hours.  Ensure that you open your “passport” and read it, you won’t be disappointed.

The beautiful old fashioned, yet totally restored elevator, took us to the third level where our room was located.

Just outside the elevator doors was a large sitting area with an old fashion phone which is at the disposition of the guests as they wait for the elevator.

The wide hallway that lead us to the room was beautifully decorated, the carpet was immaculate.

The Jefferson hotel has been going through a complete renovation of the rooms.  They are now working on renovating the last section of rooms, which should be completed by 2018.  This is not an outdated, old fashioned hotel. The Jefferson is a very historic hotel with extremely modern rooms, but in the classical way.  Many American Presidents have frequented the hotel.  There is a small “museum” which has on display, the hotel’s very rich history.

Our Grand Premier room 302, was at the end of the hall with the option of closing it off to the rest of the hallway.

When I opened the door to the Grand Premier room, I entered a beautiful foyer with a table , art work and an orchid elegantly placed on the table.

I could hear the music playing, which was relaxing ocean and spa music.  You will be very pleased when you first enter the room upon your next stay!

Coming out of the foyer and to the right, a door led us to the king size bed with an oval leather headboard. The room was so spacious with a “secretaire” on one side of the bed.  An armchair with a footrest and another cream colored chair filled out the rest of this beautifully decorated room.  The chairs and bed were so incredibly comfortable.  If you are like me, you will not want to leave the room.

A flat screen television adorned the wall opposite the bed.  The remote control is even in it’s own “case” with the channel guide as well.  Even the hangers were arranged perfectly in the closet! The point being, that no detail is overlooked.

A new Nespresso machine with plenty of complimentary coffee capsules were neatly positioned on the table.  There were also complimentary bottles of water available, with labels of the Jefferson Hotel on them.

A sitting room with plenty of closet space is in between the bedroom and the bathroom. It has a desk to be able to sit down and work if needed.

The door that led to the bathroom was slightly open. When I walked into the beautiful grey and marble bathroom, I saw this state of the art and newly renovated bathroom!

The double vanity, with mirror, actually has a television screen built into it.

When the television is off, it’s a mirror and you would barely know there is a television built right into the glass mirror.

It was nice to see a big and spacious shower with a separate bathtub to soak after a long day.

The famous luxury brand Milton Brown products were available in the bathroom, including a sewing kit.  The attention to detail was amazing and as a luxury traveler, you will appreciate this.

A toilet had a door to close it off from the bathroom for privacy.

Upon returning to the room after dinner, turn down service had been completed and the lights had been dimmed.  Housekeeping even put the spa music back on as we had turned it off before leaving the room.

The soft robes elegantly labeled with the Jefferson Hotel logo (and for sale in the hotel gift shop), had been laid on the bed and folded very nicely. They are so comfortable!

It was incredibly romantic to come back into that kind of atmosphere.  The gorgeous curtains had been closed as well.

Slippers were graciously placed on a towel.

To top it all off, a card with the weather prediction and a chocolate were nicely placed on a “secretaire”.

The amenities the hotel offers are above and beyond.  Massage services are available upon request.  The on-site gym was well equipped.  There was a small refrigerator in the gym, with fresh fruits on the top shelf, and the bottom shelf had rolled, damp, small towels with fresh lemon slices on them.  Very nice touch.

You can borrow a bicycle with helmet and provided lock, to wonder around Richmond.  We visited Belle Island and so should you!  If you are too tired to ride back, you can call the hotel and they will come pick you and the bikes up!

The wonderful rooftop courtyard is a great place to relax and get some sun, as well as an indoor heated pool.

I would recommend that you either make a reservation for a Saturday night or visit on a Sunday and join the locals at “Lemaire”, the upscale Jefferson restaurant for their well known brunch with  piano and wonderful buffet.  This is probably the best buffet in the city, you won’t be let down!

Wonderful packages are offered by the Jefferson Hotel, including Savor Richmond Package, where you get to experience local food and the craft beer scene, downtown complimentary transportation, breakfast at the hotel and a gift card to the famous “Lemaire “ restaurant of the Jefferson Hotel!

Check out all the packages the historic Jefferson Hotel offers!