When you pull in the gorgeous entrance of the Biltmore Estate, Ashville, North Carolina, all you see are tulips in bloom. You guessed right, Spring is here, flowers are in bloom at the Estate!

Passing the first front gate at 8:30 am, we parked at the Visitor center on the left of the path. The line was already pretty significant for the tour of the house at 9:00 am.

We got our tickets for the Biltmore House and for the audio tour, and on our way we were!

We drove through the beautiful paths shaded by tall trees. It took us about ten minutes to get to the Parking.

Parking lot A was our friend that day. From there to the house was a short walk. Shuttles were available to go from the parking to the Estate in case one did not feel like walking.

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It was like arriving at the chateau de Chambord, or the Chateau de Chenonceau or even the Chateau de Blois…all of which are in France. The kids were admiring the massive castle that was in front of us with the beautiful and vibrant freshly cut green grass. My girls respectively, thirteen and ten, thought we were back home in France on our trip to visit the “Chateau de la Loire”

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We walked into the “work of art” of the Biltmore House and got our audio “telephones”, they even have a child’s version!

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Cedric the dog, became the girls companion for the next three and a half hours. We all had a fantastic time visiting the rooms and we were grateful to have the audio system. Without it, we would of not learned nearly as much as there was not signage in each room explaining the significance of that specific room.  Also, the kids would have been bored.  The kids would listen to the audio for any given room more than once!  This was by far the most child friendly tour on which we have taken them.

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Room after room was a delight!  Every room was a chapter in history.  Because the children had a different version of what we heard, we paused between rooms and exchanged what we had learned.  Sometimes we listened to the children’s audio device and they listened to ours.  It was the first tour, in America, I had ever gone on where the children were fully entertained, as were the adults.

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The mansion is gorgeous and you can see the comparisons to the French Chateaux!  I could go on and on about how many rooms we had access to.  We must have seen a couple dozen rooms to include the indoor bowling alley and indoor pool!

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Leaving the house you can buy the professional photos that were taken in the middle of the tour. You can get a package or just one photo.


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We also ventured to the gift shop, to the Christmas shop to see all of the Biltmore customzed ornaments and the Cafe. You will be amazed at how much there is to do on the estate, in addition to touring the house.

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After that, we ventured to the in blooming gardens of the estate, which are adjacent to the house. The tulips were resplendissante, big, and multi colors. The statues, the fountains and the gorgeous vines going up the trellis made these gardens absolutely enjoyable to walked around, on this sunny warm spring day.

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We decided to surprise the girls and to enjoy a lunch buffet at one of the five excellent restaurants located on the estate grounds.  We ate at Deer Park Restaurant and I have to say it was an incredible treat. A must when you are there!  It had a beautiful wooded room with windows on all sides. Children under 9 are free and the food was exceptional.

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We then drove to go see the stables and the horses.  We then went to walk at the Village and enjoyed going to see the animals and petting them. The girls were in heaven!

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At the village we then made our way to the winery cellars, where we were able to also do the wine tasting in a tasting room. So many different wines, such a big room.




Originally the house was created by Georges Vanderbuit to be a place where family and friends gather…to this day it still serves that purpose. My family came together today on this incredible journey, and so can yours!  A wonderful family day at the Biltmore brings history, fun, education and relationships together.

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