So many questions came up after I was invited to visit several inns and sophisticated hotels that were a part of the label: Historic Hotels of America.

After reading my articles, one of my clients had asked, “was I supporting the label and what does the label really mean?”

I contacted Heather Taylor, the manager in the marketing communications department at the Historic Hotels of America and she was kind enough with her time to give me an interview.  Heather provided me with an overview and answered a few of questions I had, to be able to provide more information to my clients and readers.

Historic Hotels of America is an actual program founded in 1989, by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and recognizes some of the finest Historic Hotels in America.


Only two hundred seventy-five hotels are designated as such by the Historic Hotels of America.

What I came to realize after talking to Heather, is that a “historical hotel” does not mean old and outdated. It means these historic hotels have kept their place in history, their way to be authentic.

For example, the incredibly beautiful and newly renovated, Jefferson Hotel, in Richmond, Virginia. This is an amazing property and I am thrilled to have been able to visit there.




To be labeled as a Historic Hotel of America, the hotel has to be at least fifty years old and had to be recognized as having significance in the history of the United States.

Did you know that by becoming a member of the National Trust for Historic preservation (thirty dollars a year for a family membership) you are entitled to many benefits?

Your membership will get you up to thirty percent discount to hotels, and discounts when you visit historical places. I have included the link for you below:

Membership Benefits

As we know, there is more value to a guest when they visit a historic hotel versus an old hotel. With this in mind, the label, “Historic Hotels of America,” provides sophisticated travelers with the knowledge that the hotel has a unique place in history and is of high quality.

I recently visited another Historic Hotels of America recognized property, the Mast Farm Inn, in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina. There is nothing old about this place, but it is definitely historic!



As a European, I love history, historical buildings and the stories of the people that have come and gone.  If you love history as I do, the importance of preserving and learning of the background of these amazing properties on your stay is simply amazing.

I will continue to feature some amazing modern, yes you heard correctly, modern but historic and updated properties, that are worth your stay.

When you book through there website, Historic Hotels of America has committed themselves by providing their guests with the lowest rates online.

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