As I am sitting by this gorgeous private pool with glistening blue, 87 degree water, and listening to the sound of the bubbles, I am in awe of the view!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 268I’m so excited to introduce you to the Red Frog Beach Resort!

There is so much I want to talk about, to share with you!   So I will start by inviting you to follow me over the next few weeks as I introduce you to the different journeys through the resort.


The palm trees have coconuts dangling from them on my right and on my left, the outdoor table where one can enjoy lunch or dinner.  There is abundant fauna, tropical plants, and a view of the ocean! I think you would agree that if you were here, you too would describe Red Frog Beach Resort with words like “paradise.”  Is there a better place for me to be writing as I describe to you this incredible resort island?

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 265 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 214

Red Frog Beach Resort in located on a private island, on the north east side of Panama, on the Gulf of Mexico.  We flew from the United States to Panama International Tocumen Airport, in Panama City, Panama. We then took a short, twenty minute taxi ride to the national airport called Marcos A. Gelabert Airport, which is where we would catch the second leg of our flight to Red Frog.  This airport is very small and easy to navigate, as almost everyone spoke English and there was only one gate!

May_2016_Panama_Airport_bastimentos - 1 May_2016_Panama_Airport_bastimentos - 7

It is about an hour flight from Panama City to Bocas Del Toro, a small island town.  We landed in Bocas Del Toro, where a gentleman with a Red Frog Beach Resort sign was awaiting us.  It was very nice not having to worry about transportation as it is provided, complimentary, by the resort.  We went in the Red Frog Beach Resort van to the Red Frog Beach Resort office which is about five minutes from the airport.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 17

Upon our check-in at the local office in Bocas Del Toro, we were offered bottled water. Check-in was more than simple.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 64

They confirmed our reservation and gave us each a yellow V.I.P wristband.  Because we will be staying in a private, three bedroom villa with a full kitchen, we want to go to the supermercado before we made our way to the island. We walked on the main road and checked out different supermercados and were surprised to see the differences in prices even though these stores were within a few blocks of each other.  So be sure to compare prices when you arrive as well!


May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 57 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 27 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 28 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 31 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 51

We had planned to eat local cuisine during our four day stay, so we primarily bought lunch foods, snacks and I wanted to cook in our villa.

We walked back to the Red Frog Beach Resort office where there was a private water taxi waiting to take us to the resort.  I had not realized that you enter the office on the street side, and you exit the back of the office on the ocean side. Nice touch! We were the only two passengers. Luggage and groceries in hand and we were on our way to the resort!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 66 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 60 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 68 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Boca_del_toro - 71 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 37 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 24 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 49

The water taxi took about fifteen minutes to get to the resort.  What a fun, and scenic way to arrive!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 33 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 7 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 4

We passed many small islands and a couple of remote villages before arriving at the private boat dock of Red Frog Beach Resort, where Joel was excited to greet us.  He helped with our luggage and directed us to check-in.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 60 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 62

The narrow wooden path guided us as we entered this magical place in the tropical forest.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 328 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 332

It was a very unique and splendid feeling to be entering this lush rain forest from a boat…..We walked about fifty yards and saw the Red Frog Beach Resort sign hung under a large thatched roof at the beautiful reception area. Gorgeous floors, fans, flat screen television with videos of the property, a sitting area.  There were also two opposing desks. One dedicated to activities and the other for check in.

May_2016_Panama_arrival_resort - 8 May_2016_Panama_arrival_resort - 3 May_2016_Panama_arrival_resort - 7

I will stop here for this post and keep you on the edge of your seat until my next post: The villas!