My massage at the Susurro at the Red Frog Beach Resort was schedule at five in the afternoon and I had no idea what to expect as I had already seen the wooden door that led to the massage area at my arrival at the resort.

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The feeling is truly incomparable to any other massage I have experienced.

Mercedes welcomed me at the activity desk and proceeded to tell me to follow her.  She explained that she was the only therapist on the resort. She had worked as a therapist in Swissland.

It took a couple of minutes to get to our “massage room” . Your massage experience at the Red Frog Beach resort really starts when Mercedes pushes the wooden door of the spa with the sign “open” hung on it and takes you to the jungle. Yes, you read correctly: The Jungle!

You go up a trail, go up couple of stairs, pass a chair where you can sit and enjoy the river if you desire, and after a little while, after a very enjoyable walk up the mountain path, you arrive at this pretty wood cabana.

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Two seats were available, if someone wanted to wait for you while you get your massage done, listening to nature. Mercedes lit two candles and led me to the table where I was going to have my massage. No windows, no doors, no picture frames on the wall, no previously sprayed, scented aroma. This was what I call and label true luxury. It was exactly like you would expect watching a massage in a movie that takes place in the jungle. There were no windows so my view all around was of the trees. No pictures needed on the wall as the view you have from there is mesmerizing. And that my dear guest, is what becomes the luxury of this adventure…it is not the expensive aromatherapy brand you will experience, but it is the one that can’t be bottled.  It is the pure scent of the rain, the smell of the hibiscus right behind me, the smell of all the exotic plants I can’t pronounce.

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The luxury of this massage was no sheets were needed as you are alone, in the middle of nowhere with your therapist and it is hot and humid. Mercedes turned on the fan in the room and it was perfect.

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I thought that the best part was going to be the natural coconut oil used on my body. However, during this very professional massage the best part, I must admit, was to have no music! That is correct, my music was the sound of white faced monkeys going from branch to branch high above me in the trees.  It was the chant of the birds, the crickets, the red frogs jumping and singing, the river that cascaded right behind the massage room. I believe that this is the place that most CD companies come to tape the sounds they play!

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It was magical and enchanting!

My one hour massage was up way too soon and I was ask if I needed to shower.

I wanted to experience every single detailed. So I opted for the shower. Mercedes warned me that no hot water was available in the spa shower.  However, in this heat, a cooler shower was welcomed. I was surprised as the water temperature was not cold at all, it was more like room temperature.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Spa_services - 58 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Spa_services - 53 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Spa_services - 50The shower had the view on the tropical forest and I was able to touch the trees from there. What a gorgeous view even the shower was open to this tropical rainforest.  I was provided luxurious shower gel, and shampoo.

I could have stayed under the shower for a long time! I got dress and followed Mercedes back down the path we took which led me to this incredible experience.

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This is simple luxury, luxury in the jungle. Not luxury fluff!

A must try when you come here to the Red Frog Beach Resort,  in Panama!!