The Ballantyne is a beautiful resort located on the southern side of Charlotte.  It has a world class golf course located on the property and an equally exceptional spa!  The Ballantyne has something for everyone.

I was invited to The Spa to enjoy the mud detox treatment.  What a wonderful experience, please join me as I share this exceptional spa service with you.

Check in was incredibly easy as I had come downstairs to the ground level from my room in a robe, because I had already been at the beautiful pool, which was very relaxing in its own right.

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I asked the spa attendant what time I needed to check in for my four o’clock spa service.  She said twenty to thirty minutes prior to my service, as The Spa at Ballantyne has many amenities and extras that you can enjoy while waiting for your service.

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After checking in, I explored common areas as well as the boutique which had many wonderful products.  It wasn’t long before I was directed to a beautiful set of stairs which led to the hallway for my treatment.

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I was welcomed by another attendant that asked me if I wanted slippers. She took the time to provide me a tour of the luxurious facility.  There is a complimentary sauna and showers available for guests of the Ballantyne Resort.  It is beautifully decorated and very soothing.  I had the feeling of peace. It was quiet. I was already relaxing!

June_2016_Spa_treatment_ballantyne - 8

June_2016_Spa_treatment_ballantyne - 7There were about thirty gorgeous brown chairs with pillows in the woman’s lounge.

June_2016_Spa_treatment_ballantyne - 14It was decorated with silver framed paintings of women. I was asked if I wanted something to drink, I requested water but was told I could have a mimosa or champagne if I so chose.


I loved how the chairs were arranged, it was a big room and yet you had privacy, as the chairs were set like a little private salon for each party. Adorning the room were several quaint tables to be able to place the drink the attendant serves you along with some reading materials.

June_2016_Spa_treatment_ballantyne - 12

This is a wonderful prelude for any service you may enjoy.  Being here made me think how fun it would be to come with a couple of my girlfriends!

A gorgeous lady with a dark hair bob came in calling my name, and the way she called me, I knew I was in for a treat. Olga introduced herself to me and told me she will transport me to paradise and back for this hour!  She was everything you want your spa technician to be: Fun, funny, talkative, beautiful and yet allowing time to relax and enjoy.  It is one of the hardest things to find in a spa technician. As clients, we want to be nurtured and recognized, but yet we want to relax. Olga provided that and more!

June_2016_Spa_treatment_ballantyne - 21

We started the treatment on this Saturday afternoon…on time. How refreshing!

I was directed by Olga to the room where I would be enjoying my mud body treatment.

She was incredibly descriptive about the process of the treatment, so I knew exactly what I would experience.

I loved the fact that Olga had so much knowledge about the benefits of the mud on your body. You see, this is not just a “relaxing“ treatment, this is also very therapeutic. Coming from France, I was very well aware of the benefits of Thallasso Therapy as doctors in France send you to get treatments like this on a regular basis. When I shared this with Olga , she said it was the same in Russia, where she is from.

My treatment began with Olga mixing the “mud” with water.  I could not get over the wonderful marine smell.  I lived across the ocean in France and the smells transported me back!

June_2016_Spa_treatment_ballantyne - 20

She started by applying an exfoliant on my body.

I was under a sheet and on top of a foil wrap when Olga started applying the warm solution to my back. It was so extremely relaxing.

June_2016_Spa_treatment_ballantyne - 30

Then she proceeded with the rest of my body. I could feel the concoction bubbling behind my back. After applying the “mud” discreetly, yet thoroughly, over my body, I was wrapped in the aluminum foil sheet, and many blankets. During this time of “mijoting“, Olga proceeded to massage my feet, my head and shoulders.

June_2016_Spa_treatment_ballantyne - 25 June_2016_Spa_treatment_ballantyne - 26

After about fifteen minutes, Olga explained to me that she will step out of the room and turn the shower on for me. I showered in a private booth while Olga cleaned up and replaced the sheet on the massage table. She then stepped out of the room, and I got back under the sheet. She knocked to make sure I was ready, and finished the treatment by applying a moisturizing cream on my body!

June_2016_Spa_treatment_ballantyne - 28

Olga left the room while I got dressed.  When I came out of the treatment room,  she had a glass of water for me.

This was an incredible experience. I learned so much about the benefits of magnesium and much more of the mud. It was relaxing, and soothing! This was more than a treatment, this was an experience….a beneficial experience for my body and mind and incredibly relaxing!

This perfect journey at The Spa at the Ballantyne Resort made me not only want to come back, but to come back and make it a girls weekend!

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