Arriving at the Historic Hotel of America in Luray, Virginia, the Mimslynn Inn, is like a beautiful, romantic and classic movie unfolding in front of your eyes.

The huge green pasture as you approach….massive round columns on the front of the hotel…..the gorgeous entrance…all of this beckons to you as you approach this majestic hotel that sits atop a hill taking command of the valley that sits below it….all of this tickles your mind and you know the experience will be wonderful.


June_2016_MimslynInn_Luray - 104

June_2016_MimslynInn_Luray - 108You push the heavy brown doors that lead you inside the Mimslynn Inn. The colonial style hotel with gorgeous majestic columns, give the entrance a prelude of what your stay, your room and your experience will be.

June_2016_MimslynInn_Luray - 78 June_2016_MimslynInn_Luray - 79

As I am sitting or should I say, working here by the mosaic, brick and stone pool, I am thinking how soothing it is to hear water falling from the spa to the pool, on this gorgeous summer day.


June_2016_MimslynInn_Luray - 115

June_2016_MimslynInn_Luray - 118 June_2016_MimslynInn_Luray - 122

Conveniently located on the edge of this all-American town of Luray and less than a quarter mile from the tower that marks the entrance of the largest cavern system on the east coast, Luray Caverns, the Mimslynn Inn is where you want to be.

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As I am checking in, Frank Sinatra is playing in the lobby and the friendly and welcoming staff provide me with information about the hotel, restaurant and breakfast hours.

The decor of the lobby is just as you would come to expect of a historic hotel.  There is a grand piano in the middle of the lobby next to the grand stairway. Decor is spacious, elegant and sumptuous.

June_2016_MimslynInn_Luray - 76

I was given the magic number of 311. As you take the elevator to the third floor you can see why this hotel is a part of the Historical Hotels of America.

June_2016_MimslynInn_Luray - 87

As you enter room 311, you are walking into a beautifully restored two room suite!  You can see the Shenandoah Valley mountains painted against the horizon right outside of your window! I was sold and you will be as well! This suite is simply beautiful.


The secretaire next to the window was a perfect place to tranquilly work and enjoy the surrounding and this extraordinary part of Virginia.




When you enter the second room where another window gives us the incredible view of the mountains and valley, a refrigerator is provided for your convenience with bottles of water and glasses with the Mimslynn Inn Logo.

IMG_6785 IMG_6784


The suite is elegantly decorated in a classic style. The bedroom has a king size bed, which by the way, you can buy if you want to take back a little of piece of the Mimslynn Inn with you. The bed is adorned with a gorgeous homemade quilt with an image of the Mimslynn Inn.  Even the pillows have Initials of the inn embroidered on them.

H52A9362 H52A9369 H52A9367

Robes are provided for you in the room, and the bathroom has high quality shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. A toiletry kit is provided as well as a dark brown makeup towel!

H52A9351 H52A9352 H52A9353 H52A9357 H52A9358

My favorite part of the room though, is the slightly vaulted arch window that reminds you of an old French or English church where stained glass would burry themselves.

H52A9344 IMG_6774

The hotel has two wonderful restaurants available to patrons, which is very welcoming in a small town like Luray, Virginia.

June_2016_MimslynInn_Luray - 132

Complimentary decaf and regular coffee, juices, and muffins are available to patrons, in the morning. We were able to enjoy our coffee on the classic rocking chairs of the beautiful, massive, covered porch and enjoy the gorgeous view of the manicured grass in front of the inn, with the view of the mountains in the background.

IMG_7046 IMG_7050 IMG_7051

Take the trip to visit the Mimslynn Inn and while there, tour the amazing Luray Caverns!