After a couple of days in Bocas del Toro at the Red Frog Beach Resort , we flew back to Panama to discover the magnificent city.

As we pulled up to the Grace Hotel, in Panama City,  we knew we were in for a luxury experience. The Grace logo on the beautiful glass doors is welcoming you into this high-rise, in the heart of this very modern city….which looks more like a piece of art, than a building.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 58

A valet took our luggage and waited for us to check in, before escorting us to our room.

Champagne is served as you check-in and the smell of aromatherapy embalm the luxurious lobby.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 4

Katrin was all smiles at the front desk.  The staff spoke English and check-in was a breeze.  We were informed about the outdoor pool, the fitness center and breakfast, which is complimentary for guests.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 11

We were given our room keys, 1508 was our magic number!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 2

Our room was incredible and quite large for being in the middle of a major city. Our room was ultra-modern just like the hotel! Clean lines, a built in chic entertainment center and a flat screen television with satellite reception providing hundreds of channels.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 54 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 22

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 27 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 25

There were many channels available in English and in Spanish!

The room had a full mini bar with water, juice, wine and champagne.  A modern coffee machine and glasses with Panamanian rum, Johnny Walker black label whiskey and Don Julio Tequila.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 19 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 18

The queen size bed had white fluffy pillows, a white goose feather comforter with a white leather headboard.  It was very comfortable.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 16

Turn-down service was exceptional because not only was our bed turned-down, but as you can see below, we arrived back to our room to find these amazing amuse-bouches!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 60 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 115

You will be blown away by the view from your room!  Not just a small window but an angled, floor to ceiling window with a magical view of Panama City. Yes the floor to ceiling windows offer an incredible view of Panama City’s skyline!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 44

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 66

The dark brown door that led to the bathroom was identical in terms of the view. The tiled shower was adorned with Salvatore Feeragano products including shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and a bathroom scrubby.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 50 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 35 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 52 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 33

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 36The view from the shower was breathtaking as you can see the city skyline, and yet all the windows are tinted mirrors from the outside.  A double sink with rolled towels under the cabinet had Salvatore Ferragamo soap and also had a plant in a small oval vase.

Everything in this rural boutique hotel has been thought of.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 41 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_Wednesday - 40

We decided to go to the outdoor pool and were surprised to discover the gorgeous rooftop lounge area with the breathless skyline of Panama.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 17 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 27

As I am writing to you right now, the skyline is in front of my eyes with a slight breeze, which is welcome. Mirrored windows in the adjacent buildings make everything so beautiful.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 43Plants and river rocks by the pool, wicker chairs with cream and blue pillows to match the pool tiling , gorgeous recess lighting with a very modern gold chandelier is hung, finishing off this space with a beautiful, ultra-modern touch.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 46

I just came out of the hot tub and appreciated the windows that make up the railing and how protected it is from the wind.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 14

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 37  Gold and white stone adorn the wall, almost making it look like a puzzle as one tries to put the pieces together.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 15

Breakfast at the Grace boutique hotel in Panama is no ordinary breakfast buffet.  It is what I call luxury breakfast for foodies, but not at a luxury price!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 70

May_2016__Panama_Breakfast_Grace_Hotel - 20Think you might be in the mood for a quiche with spinach and ham and herbs? How about fresh croissants and pain aux chocolats?

May_2016__Panama_Breakfast_Grace_Hotel - 6

Or if you are used to a more American version of breakfast how about pancakes, scrambled eggs and perfectly cook bacon?

May_2016__Panama_Breakfast_Grace_Hotel - 7

If none of this suits you, how about a fresh baguette with butter and jelly? Even the butter was individually served and whipped and the jelly was served individually in a sealed jar. How about smoked salmon? Or fresh fruits, cereals, yogurt?

May_2016__Panama_Breakfast_Grace_Hotel - 13 May_2016__Panama_Breakfast_Grace_Hotel - 11

And of course a luxury buffet can not be complete without a station with made-to-order omelettes!  Fresh fruit juices were labeled and offered. You can not go hungry!

May_2016__Panama_Breakfast_Grace_Hotel - 10

May_2016__Panama_Breakfast_Grace_Hotel - 8May_2016__Panama_Breakfast_Grace_Hotel - 9What a gorgeous boutique hotel to visit!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Grace_hotel_dinner_54East - 59

I have stayed as you know, at many hotels, boutique hotels and resorts, and the Grace Hotel staff has been beyond remarkable! You can tell that tourism is important here in Panama and at the Grace you are not just another number.

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