Just before you arrive at the Craddock Terry Hotel, you are welcomed by the historic downtown Lynchburg, VA. I felt like I was transported back to Europe. Cobblestone streets and brick buildings lead the way to this incredible hotel.

When you walk towards the Craddock entrance, all you see is this giant red shoe on the side of the building.

I was directed by a valet, that spoke very good French, where to park my car.  Another valet asked if I needed any help with my luggage.


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When you walk towards the Craddock entrance, all you see is this giant red shoe on the side of the building!  Wow, how neat!


What a beautiful welcome! The Craddock is one of the Historic Hotels of America and the Southern Living Hotel Collection.


When walk in the lobby, a carafe of ice water with lemon is waiting for you. A bottle of cold champagne is there for the guests as well.

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Check in was beyond my expectations.  It turned out that Alex, at the front desk, already knew who I was when I came inside, as the valet had told her.  One of the things Alex told me, was that when I get to my room, I needed to fill out my breakfast request card and put it in the shoe box that is on the bed….I’ll talk about this in more detail later!

Across from the lobby, a quaint little gift shop where you can purchase items to remind you of your visit: coffee cups, linens, soaps and much more.

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When you are handed your room card, you can see that it is a combination of not only your room key and a pretty photo of “the red shoe”, but a tightly folded map of downtown Lynchburg, which is all within walking distance.  The Craddock Terry is absolutely in a great location to be able to get around town of foot.

Our magic number was 407,  and walking in to the room was like discovering a room in a historic castle. The first thing you see is the incredibly tall ceilings and the wood (poutre) attached with massive bolts.  When this factory was converted to the hotel, so much of the original architecture was preserved, what a treat!

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The walls are a mix of bricks, stones, and square yellow “leather” on the walls like wallpaper. Dark black wood and dark leather headboards are the entourage of the king bed. Very modern brushed nickel lamps are adorning the room. A flat screen television, coffee machine, coffee cups, wine glasses and wine opener are in front of the bed.

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The ceiling is made of very pretty natural wood panels, exposed beams.  When you are in the room, you have made a return to a luxury boutique hotel that is filled with history and stories in a town of shoemakers. Yes, the Craddock Terry was the fifth largest shoe company, not only in the United State but in the world! You can still see the actual building dating back to 1905, here on the James River. The windows in the rooms are still original.  In fact, the factory had very large windows to allow a lot of natural light in, to reduce the electrical usage in the shoe factory.


The bathroom in our Deluxe King room was elegantly tiled and spacious. A separate door leads you to the shower.  You will also discover his and her bathrobes with the beautifully embroidered Craddock logo.

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A sitting area with a green sofa was there for us to relax or work.


The Craddock Hotel is much more than just a beautiful hotel room. The Craddock hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the historic downtown and walking distance from the Riverfront Park.

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During the Summer of 2016, Friday Cheer event is happening, rain or shine, by the Riverfront Park. You can leave your room, take the elevator down to the park where you will be able to sit on the grass and listen to the music.  We had such a fun time watching children dance and families having quality time together.

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The incredible part about Lynchburg, is that at ten in the evening, we were on the boardwalk, what an incredibly safe the town! It was well illuminated all along and very fun.

We walked outside until midnight, Friday evening, without once having the feeling of being unsafe.

When we finally returned to our room, turn-down service was completed, the tall “black-out” curtains were shut and the bed covers were down.

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Remember the box I mentioned in my opening?  Well, let’s talk about it now!  So, most hotels you go down to the common area in the morning for breakfast.  Not at the Craddock!  A beautiful old fashioned shoe box was waiting for us on our bed.  In it, is a “breakfast card.”  On the card, was the menu options for breakfast.  We chose our breakfast items, placed the card in the shoe box, and left the shoe box outside our door, in the hall.

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When you get up in the morning, open the door to the hall and collect your box.  Inside the box, you will find it filled with your breakfast items.  Our box was filled with orange juice, croissant, Brie, jelly, fresh fruit and yogurt.  And of course we made very good coffee right here in our room to top it all off!  Such a fun and healthy way to start the day.

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If after a wonderful night of sleep you want to bring the Craddock hotel to your home, you can certainly inquire at the front desk about the process……as the hotel does sell these amazing mattresses as well as all the bathroom products.

Saturday morning in Lynchburg is very vibrant, joyful and full of dynamism. Staying at the Craddock gives you the opportunity to walk to the Farmer’s Market. There you are able to enjoy the live music from all the decorative pianos that are put at the disposition of the community.

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Sit down in the market to enjoy a fabulous home cooked, country meal, a fresh coffee, or even french pastries from Lorraine Bakery.

We enjoyed the historic downtown, Monument Terrace, the street stairs and the old court house….all within walking distance of the Craddock Terry Hotel.

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August_2016_ - 10 August_2016_ - 4 August_2016_ - 3 The Historic Craddock Terry Hotel is truly a gem, hidden in the Piedmont of Virginia.  What an incredible and convenient hotel to host your wedding, have a business meeting, or get away for a romantic weekend!