As I am pulling in to Saxapahaw, North Carolina I am amazed one more time about how busy this little town, tucked in on the Haw River, is located.

This event is so popular, parking is nowhere to be found as all the lots are full and it was only 6:00 pm.

I was invited to attend this amazing event happening here at the North Carolina, Farm to Fork! Friday night event was “Supper and Square dance”.

Farm to Fork is a melange of community gathering, local food, and features local farmers honoring great chefs.

June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 13 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 39

Many volunteers, with smiles, are ready to welcome the guests arriving. Families, strollers, kids, puppets , music, food is already getting set up. The energy when you entered the Haw River Ballroom is extremely high.  Booths are set up to be able to educate people about sustainability.

June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 23 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 3 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 21 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 44 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 53 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 58 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 56

The evening began with three young people educating us about who Food Corp is.  We learned that they are an organization which promotes food and healthy eating, to kids.

We were then served a incredible dinner by a restaurant call Picnic Durham. The food was very southern

June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 138

June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 142

June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 140and really incredible. Pork barbecue, chilled corn, field pea salad, potato salad and watermelon salad.

For dessert, homemade ice cream was served….oh my gosh, you could see all the kids, the parents, the grandparents going back to get seconds. The ice cream was from the Howling Cow Creamery located at the NC State University.

Drinks were provided by the Haw River Brewery and the Haw River Wine Man. Volunteers were busy helping out at the food buffet.

June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 155 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 154 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 97 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 62

Blue grass music was played, square danced was taught to guests, and the Paper Hand Puppets made an appearance !

June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 102 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 209 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 199 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 259 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 212 June_2016_Farm_to_fork_saxapahaw - 266

The event was lively, fun, entertaining and it was a pleasure to see communities coming together to celebrate food, health and being together!

You could see kids dancing with their parents, having fun, and taking photos at the photo booth with props.

June_2016_Farm_to_fork_event_saxapahaw - 1

What a great fun event to help a great cause. When you choose to go to one of the events sponsored by  Farm to Fork, you are supporting and sponsoring a farmers training program located at the Center for Environment Farming Systems and the W. C Breeze Family Farm Agricultural Extension and Research Center.

By going to any of the events sponsored by Farm to Fork you are ensuring that these programs not only stay alive but that they continue to thrive, to help and train new farmers in the North Carolina region.