I love the United States, and have a soft spot for the old fashion villages that have rediscovered and redefined themselves.

Valle Crusis, North Carolina is just that!

The famous Mast General Store is here, where there is not a thing you could ask for and not find!  But my favorite place, is this beautiful and historic inn, located on the main road….


IMG_3918 IMG_3917Yes, the Mast Farm Inn is in a historic old house, but it is not outdated by any stretch of the imagination!  You see, the Mast Farm Inn is a member of the very well known association: The Historic Hotels of America.  Just because a property is labeled historic, does not mean they don’t have the latest in amenities.


A few days prior to my arrival, an important email made its way to my email in-box and after reading it, I knew I was in for a treat.  I had to rate, from 1 to 10, the most important things I looked forward to during my stay at the Mast Farm Inn.  I have never received correspondence of this kind!

For example, they ask if you want peace, quiet, serenity, relaxation or would you prefer using your time in Valle Crusis to be socializing and enjoy great food?  Maybe you are looking to reconnect with your partner, read, listen to music, cocooning, snuggling or snoozing?  What a great idea to ask how you want to use your time while at the inn.

When I arrived at the inn, I had a hard time getting to the counter to check in.  Why?  Because I was already taking photos of this amazing inn, the beautiful barn across the street and donkeys that were happily grazing in the pasture. The sight was refreshing and I was already relaxed from my drive and looking forward to checking in and heading to the cottage to begin my weekend.

Walking into this Historic Hotels of America property, we were very pleasantly greeted.  We were given a cloth tan bag with the logo of the Mast Farm Inn. We were intrigued, but waited to open it….read on, I will share!


We were given our key to the cottage, called Mam’s Refuge, and what a refuge it is! It is a large family cabin that looks like a Swiss Chalet. It is about 1,000 square feet and very spacious.


The cottage is only a few minutes from the main house and the way it is carved into the hills of Valle Cruisis is charming. You can hear a little trickle of water from a beautiful little stream, as you walk up the stairs to get to the cottage.

Everything in the cottage is post and beam exposed and decorated with style. The fireplace is priceless and sitting on the leather coach across from it will help you appreciate it! The cottage is divided in two levels and the upstairs is a perfect place for kids to sleep and have their playroom area. H52A5734 H52A5721 H52A5754

There is even a spacious wooden deck, providing you with a view.

H52A5741 H52A5748IMG_3884

The kitchen is so quaint and has everything you need from the dishwasher, to the oven, to the microwave.


The coffee maker is ready for you to enjoy a cup of Danielle’s Selection’s coffee on the deck. Everything was thought of and half and half was even waiting for me in the refrigerator.

H52A5757 H52A5759

The master bedroom is also very nice.  It is spacious and nicely appointed.

H52A5733 H52A5734

After I finished the tour of this beautiful cottage up here in the mountains of North Carolina, I took the chance to peak into the cloth tan bag I was given at check-in.

To my surprise, a welcome note with both Patrick and my names was in there, with the temperature and weather predictions for the next day. Suggestions, according to the answers to my initial email, were provided with things to do. It is a nice touch to arrive in a place where you do not know what to do and it is spelled out for you according to your own tastes!  This is such a unique gift….it’s small things like this that makes a big difference and have you wanting to come back for more.


IMG_3867 IMG_3868

For diner, we went out o experience the restaurant, Over Yonder, located only a mile down the road and co-owned by the Mast Farm Inn.

The meal was absolutely expectional, read about it more extensively here. 

The next morning, breakfast was complimentary and provided at the main house. When you sit down to breakfast, you will have a newspaper waiting for with your name printed on it, literally!  I had and the news of the day, customized just for you! This was such a fun way to start the day and to have this fun paper to read.  What a great idea!

IMG_3934 IMG_3932 IMG_3930 IMG_3927

Of course, after breakfast we went to explore this large property.  So much history on site!  I sat next to the pond on the chairs placed there for the patrons. How peaceful it is!

IMG_3945 IMG_3949 IMG_3953 IMG_3960

We then decided to go to the Mast General Store. What a fun store to explore. From old fashion candies, knick-knacks, old fashioned drinks, to apparels. It’s so fun to hear the squeaking of the old boards beneath your feet as you explore!

No wonder the The Mast Farm Inn is a part of the Historic Hotels of America.

What a wonderful gem hidden in the mountains of North Carolina.