We were so happy to finally be able to experience a riverboat cruise in the United States.  We have been on many sunset cruises, dinner cruises and sailing cruises in many other countries, but Savanah Riverboat Cruises is our first here in the States, and what a great experience!

The last time I came to Savannah, Georgia. was in September, 2000. Hurricane Floyd had made landfall the night that I was on Bald Head Island, NC and I had to be evacuated off the island to Southport. I had my entire family from France visiting for one of those classic “American road trips,” that us Europeans grew up hearing. From Bald Head, we went to Charleston, South Carolina and then on to Savannah and would eventually make our way to New Orleans.  I just can’t believe how much I thoroughly enjoyed Savannah earlier this year, because back in 2000, I was not impressed. Of course, back then everything was closed due to the hurricane. I have never been back until now. I do not know if it was the memories, or just the fact that I never took the time.

I had been in contact with Savannah Riverboat Cruises and absolutely loved the idea of their “themed” cruises!  The people that work for the company were enthusiastic as they described how they are different than other riverboat cruises.  I knew this was a company that my clients would love to experience!


I experienced this with my partner and my daughter.  We chose the Dinner Entertainment Cruise!

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You all know I am a foodie, and I was wondering how do you get food on the boat and not have it be soggy?

The Queen Georgia, a three story riverboat, which was beautifully painted in primarily red and white, was parked right in the heart of Savannah’s historic district, on the waterfront river-walk. It was beautiful. You feel transported back inside the books and stories of Tom Sawyer where you know the boats were gliding along the Mississippi River.

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The time of the dinner was 7:00 p.m. and at 6:00 p.m. you could board the boat.  A gentleman, who was dressed in his sharply-pressed white sailor suit, was there to welcome us on board. I gave him our tickets and he directed us to a very friendly photographer on the front of the paddle wheel before we got on the boat.

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The double doors that lead you to the dining room inside the boat are really hiding the magic of what is awaiting you.

It was set up exactly like a restaurant , we waited for the hostess to escort us to our table. Lindsey, our server, introduced herself to us and took our drink order. An extensive list of wines and cocktails were available to choose from as well as non-alcoholic beverages. A very good entertainer was playing the piano and singing songs for every generation and interacting with the guests during the time of waiting for the shaffers (the metal containers that keep your food warm), to be opened at the buffet.

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Guests on the Georgia Queen with birthdays, anniversaries and veterans each had a song dedicated to them and were invited on the dance floor for their respective tribute. It was a nice touch to bring guests together.


At seven o’clock, the food was ready to be revealed and so many choices of incredible food prepared by Chef Jason were available.


Wether you are a vegetarian, vegan, fish lover or meat lover, you had plenty of food to eat! Even carving stations were offered with prime ribs for guests.

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Some people were already eating when our boat pulled away from the dock and began to make it’s way upstream.  How beautiful the scenery was to see this historic city from the river! Here we were on a boat, listening to wonderful music, having some delicious food. It was magical!

We got up to get our food and to our surprise, the plates were incredible as they were stamped with the boat on them, a very nice touch to remind you that you were on the boat….as if we needed reminding.

img_8019 img_9846 img_9848

Food was in abundance, Chef Jason kept circling around to make sure that the food was being replenished.


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The dessert spread arrived with cheesecakes, chocolate cake , and fresh fruits placed on platters that looked like boats.

Coffee was offered and the DJ started to pay really fun music to get the crowd to dance! The Cha-cha slide was just the beginning of the many fun songs that gathered the guests, laughing and dancing together.

After dancing for a while, we decided to go on the top deck to see the sunset and the boat going back towards the dock.

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What a gorgeous view! On the top deck another band was playing fun music to entertain the guests that were outside looking at the sunset, enjoying the view from the boat.  On the top deck, you can order small plates, and drinks as you wish.

This was an incredible experience and I would do it again. The quality of the dinner cruise exceeded my expectations. A must do when you are in Savannah!