I was so looking forward to this long drive that was going to take me to this famous OuterBanks. I was familiar, like most people, with Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head Island.  Last year I had discovered Manteo, which is very close to Nags Head, as I had participated in a triathlon.

When I decided I was going to explore the Outerbanks of North Carolina further and make it to Ocracoke Island, I knew that I wanted to stay at The Castle on Silver Lake.


I was not disappointed! It was better than I imagined.

The gorgeous ocean side road that took me from Nags Head to Hatteras Ferry Terminal was magical! Sand dunes, the Atlantic Ocean on my left, the sound on my right, houses on stilts….suddenly the scenes from the movie “Night in Rodhante” were parading in front of my eyes.


h52a3695 h52a3383The road that took me there suddenly reminded me of the single lane going down to Key West! Windows down, windy, and the smell of the ocean was inviting me to decompress, enjoy nature and leave my busy life behind.



Arriving at the Hatteras Ferry Terminal, I was surprised there were so many vehicles wanting to make the crossing, as we were at the end of September. We actually did not make it into the first ferry and had to wait for another.



The hour long ferry ride was fun, as you are able to get out of your car and walk around to enjoy this free ferry ride that takes you to Ocracoke Island.

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It took us barely ten minutes from where the ferry arrived, to get to The Castle on Silver Lake.


We pulled in and I was literally speechless about the look of the bed and breakfast. The name should have been an indication. It did look like a castle. I loved it. The location made me even more speechless as I looked across the road, we were right across from the sound .


We were welcomed by the very friendly Ronnie, the Innkeeper. By the end of your stay, Ronnie will become the newest member of your family!

We were told our room was Jeff’s. Room.


We had a tour of the Bed and Breakfast and everything was explained incredibly well by Ronnie. We saw the beautiful sitting area with a pool table.  There is a sauna, spa and swimming pool available on site! Additionally, complimentary bicycles are available, as well as  snacks and water bottles, all day long.

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Our room, “Jeff’s Room” was quaint and charming.  It was named after one of the people that helped in the restoration of The Castle.

All wood everywhere, even on the ceiling. The view from the room was wonderful, we could see the sound. A feeling of peace comes to you when you are staying at The Castle.

We were able to borrow the very comfortable bikes from The Castle to go see the sunset, before we headed to dinner.


I think one of my favorite things was our location on the island, as many “mom and pop” stores are available within walking distance of The Castle.  There is the general store, local ice cream and artist shops, a coffee shop and much more.

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I was pleasantly surprised that we were just a short walk to the lighthouse. We did just that at sunset. It was so wonderful!

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We walked to dinner and realized that the flashlight, thoughtfully left in our room by our innkeeper, was provided to guide us at night, as many people walk. However, no matter how late you are walking on the street, it is very safe.

We walked back to The Castle after a wonderful diner and enjoyed a very quiet night. The next morning I was woken up by the wonderful smell of bacon and coffee…we were up in no time and went down to enjoy the incredible aroma.

We were welcomed in the kitchen by John, our morning Chef. The food display was wonderful! Omelettes, bacon cooked to perfection, hashbrowns, bagels, muffins, frittatas, cereals….

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It was wonderfully nice to sit next to other patrons at the beautiful dining room table as everyone was excited to share their adventures!

After a very filling breakfast, we decided to go enjoy the swimming pool.  Towels were available and a bathroom/changing room was conveniently located next to the pool.

The Castle is also accommodating it’s patrons with a spa on location as well.

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Our second day on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, was as incredible as the first! We rode our bikes everywhere.  We visited the marina, enjoyed browsing many boutiques, visiting local artisans and of course  sampling the local food.

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Our second day at breakfast was even better than the first if that is even possible! Not because the food was even more incredible, because Chef John and I engaged in a conversations about food and we even talked about French Toast made the traditional way with a baguette. I loved it!!!

Unfortunately, our short stay at The Castle has come to an end.  We had to head back and take the ferry to be in Nags Head by mid afternoon.  I have to say that it was hard to part from The Castle at Silver Lake, however, I know for a fact that I will be back!