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The magical Eiffel Tower

In the year of 1889, it was France’s turn to host what we call in France the “l’exposition universelle” known around the world as the “World Fair”.  That year, France and the Capital Paris hosted the World Fair to celebrate the 100… Continue Reading →

The Cecil Hotel, charming old hotel in Athens, Greece

The Cecil  Hotel is located in the heart and soul of the old part of Athens. You can walk from this charming quaint hotel to the old market and to the Acropolis. The hotel was renovated, in a very simple, good old… Continue Reading →

Paris, Je t’aime

Ha Paris! Who has not dreamed of the romantic city? Waking up in Paris, listening to the guy on the bank of the Seine river playing “La Vie en Rose” with the accordion, smelling the fresh warm croissants or pain… Continue Reading →

Restaurant Le Pauillac in Haut-Medoc

I had the privilege to have lunch across of the water, across the marina, in a charming restaurant called “Le Pauillac”. It is an wonderful place to eat. The food was absolutely incredible!  To put a little perspective, I am… Continue Reading →

Haut-Medoc Region

My dad and I are food and wine connoisseurs, so when my dad announce that he was taking us to Bordeaux, I was so happy and made a list of the Chateaux I wanted to see in Haut-Medoc,  for him… Continue Reading →

London in 24 hours

What if you had only 24 hours in London and wanted to make the best of it and see as much as you can?

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