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Photo and Quote: France

I took this photo in the village of Sarlat-La-Canedat in the region of Dordogne in France. Incredible region that I was visiting to expand my knowledge for the Foie Gras, the walnut oil, and the Prehistorical caves.  

The magical Eiffel Tower

In the year of 1889, it was France’s turn to host what we call in France the “l’exposition universelle” known around the world as the “World Fair”.  That year, France and the Capital Paris hosted the World Fair to celebrate the 100… Continue Reading →

January 2016: Executive Chef Lilian Lacassagne

I went to meet with Lil Lacassagne, owner and Executive Chef of 4 stars AAA, Saint-Jacques of Burke Manor restaurant open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Photo and Quote: Paris

I took this photo in June, during my trip there. I thought it would be a propos to find a quote to share my indignition to the horror and cruelty that happened last night.  What a sad night for France,… Continue Reading →

Photo and Quote: DC Veterans

I wanted to take the time to honor and thanks the Veterans today. Today is the day of the Armistice. It was signed between Germans and the Allies if the World War I. The Armistice was signed in the city… Continue Reading →

Photo and Quote: Martinique

The beach of white sand with views of Diamond Rock off shore in “Pointe Marin” in Sainte-Anne is one of the most beautiful beach of the country of Martinique. Here at sunset.

Photo and Quote: France

True perfection: Rum Clement, Martinique

The Habitation Clément is truly the birthplace of the Rhum Agricole. Located in Le Francois, it still maintain the tradition and the culture of an old sugarcane plantation Créole. The Hayot family restored it to keep it a Martiniquean cultural icon. Thousands… Continue Reading →

Noirmoutier, Le Passage du Gois.

Noirmoutier…this little island with the “Passage du Gois”. A road that is about 5 kilometers long and that get flooded two times a day with the tide. Must be vigilant driving during the correct times. Many tourists still have accidents… Continue Reading →

Restaurant Le Pauillac in Haut-Medoc

I had the privilege to have lunch across of the water, across the marina, in a charming restaurant called “Le Pauillac”. It is an wonderful place to eat. The food was absolutely incredible!  To put a little perspective, I am… Continue Reading →

Haut-Medoc Region

My dad and I are food and wine connoisseurs, so when my dad announce that he was taking us to Bordeaux, I was so happy and made a list of the Chateaux I wanted to see in Haut-Medoc,  for him… Continue Reading →

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