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Photo and Quote: Military

As I went to shoot for this military event, I was in awe that in the middle of nowhere, you still find beauty, not just in the sunrise, but in these men and women together.   I took this photo early… Continue Reading →

Photo and Quote: Mexico

At the end of the ride on the beautiful Blue Sky Cabo Yacht, I went all the way to the front of the boat to admire and take photos of the sunset. I love my work,  I love traveling, I love… Continue Reading →

Photo and quote: Mexico

This photo I took from a Catamaran on the way back to the marina. I saw this Tugboat and I could not helped wondering how far and how many miles this boat had travelled.

Photo and Quote: Mexico

Santa Maria is a small beach off the highway in Cabo San Lucas. It has a beach access. The perfect Azure sea will await for you, it is such a peaceful beach where mostly locals go. Such a beautiful and… Continue Reading →

Photo and Quote: Mexico

I took this photo as I was arriving at the Marina de Cabo San Lucas, before the Whale Watch Cabo tour, I was schedule to do. It was early morning and the sun was just starting picking through…

Photo and Quote: Mexico

I forget how connected I am to the ocean having being raised by it. I always feel calm, and the sea has really the power to help me regroup. I had the privilege to snorkel this past week at this… Continue Reading →

Photo and Quote: Mexico

I was invited by Blue Sky Cabo on their beautiful newest and largest yacht. The boat is a Blue Sea 60’ Bertram.  I took this photo right when I boarded on the yacht.

Photo and Quote: Mexico

As Wi-fi is rare and limited here in Mexico,  all of my photos and quotes published this week, were pre-scheduled as I was prepared for this minimum Wifi.

Photo and Quote: Greece

In Santorini, as I am waiting for the boat to come back and get me from my visit to the Volcano.

Photo and Quote: New Hampshire

I was about to go up Mount Washington in New Hampshire. I got out of the car, walked a bit at the bottom before I got in line to get my ticket and took this photo. It was such a… Continue Reading →

Photo and Quote: France

This photo I took home, in France at “Le Crouesty” This is the view I have from my bedroom. I was a pretty lucky girl, growing up so close to the ocean.

Photo and Quote: California

I remember this moment incredibly well. I had gone into this old general store, was trying to found a hotel to sleep. I was on my way to Bodega Bay . It was getting late, and I saw this house…. Continue Reading →

Photo and Quote: San Francisco

This photo was taking by my assistant while I was working in San Francisco. I really like it, as I usually am the one behind the camera. This photo really represent how hard I have worked to be where I… Continue Reading →

Photo and Quote: Martinique

I took this photo after waking up for the sunrise in Saint- Anne in Martinique. It was beautiful and made me so grateful that I get to travel and write the experiences of the wonderful places I get to visit.

Photo and Quote: England

It was magical to be able to go back to London after so many years. It was as mesmerizing as I remembered. I took this photo thinking how I have been waiting for so long to be invited back there… Continue Reading →

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